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With their stately trunks, shapely leaves, refreshing aura and a serene style, Palm trees are one of the most beautiful style statements for interior and exterior decoration. They have an extremely lively presence and bring an unmatchable tropic vibe in the space. We always associate Palm trees with luxury and relaxation and that’s what they introduce in the interior or exterior landscape: a sense of calm, warmth and luxury. Silk Plants Direct understands the iconic presence and what Palm trees bring to a space and as such we have created a large collection of sophisticated Palm trees to introduce in your home or commercial space.

Palm trees have a certain romanticism about them, a certain sculptural sophistication which makes them a majestic presence in any space. Our Palm trees capture that romance and elegance with the lifelike refreshing color which will light up the space where you place them. Crafted from premium quality material, our Palm trees boast of exotic looks and a stunning realism which will make them an instant favorite in your landscape. The slender, wispy fronds and carefully crafted branched of our Palm trees will add a touch of green and tranquility to any space.

If you are looking to create a tropical paradise in your home or commercial setting then our Palm tree is a must. They are known to bring a sense of harmony and freshness to the space and will make you think that you are on a holiday. Full of brightness with touches of grandness, our Palm trees are of exotic nature and will spark your imagination. An enchanting addition to any space, our Palm trees are strikingly simple and do not require constant upkeep. They will be the focal point of your landscape till times to come without any hassles.

Who says that Palm trees are suited only for large spaces? We offer various varieties of Palm trees in a number of styles and sizes which will blend in perfectly in any space irrespective of its size. If your room is in need of some green, we have a Palm tree for you which will maintain the clean and modern lines of your space. A perfect way to create a beachy room, our Palm trees are a breath of fresh air in any landscape.

No matter if you have a contemporary setting or the most traditional of spaces, symmetrical rooms or a complete chaos in the space, Palm trees fit right in. They bring the tropical feel to any space without much hassle. In fact, our Palm trees are so bold, sculptural and bright that they can standalone in the space and still own the entire setting. A great way to create the ‘lazy summer afternoon’ feel in the patio, our Palm trees make for a welcoming addition. Grand and stately, our Palm trees make a wonderful statement wherever they are introduced.

If you’re looking to jazz up your home or office with a tropical element, then you surely can’t miss our wide range of artificial Palm trees. From Areca, Kentia, Fishtail, Cycas, Fan, Bamboo, Phoenix and Rhapis Palm to choose from, our faux Palm trees will bring an everlasting dash of freshness to your home interiors or exteriors.