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Also known as sentry or paradise palm, Kentia Palm is one of the world’s most popular indoor palms. A sight of tranquility and fantasy, these palm trees are incredibly beautiful and picturesque. If you’re looking to buy artificial kentia palm trees for your home décor, then look no further than this premium yet inexpensive collection. The easiest way to bring a sultry vibe in your rooms, we have silk Kentia Palm Trees that will fill your décor with charm and cool appeal till times to come.

Whether you’re looking to fill an empty corner space or you’re looking to bring some visual height in your living room, you want to introduce your guests with a breezy, cool appeal or just want to introduce a tropical vibe in the setting, these faux Kentia Palm Trees are all you need. They will simply brighten up your space and bring loads of personality in the setting without any fuss.

Our fake Kentia Palm Trees come in a variety of styles and sizes and will help you create special rooms in no time. All our Palm Trees are created using high quality material and as such they look highly lifelike. These are long-lasting, practical elements that do not require any sort of heavy maintenance and will bring a refreshing appeal to the setting.