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There are multiple ways to add color and freshness to a space, but if you are looking to ‘shape up’ your room, then topiaries are what you need. Artfully crafted in ornamental shapes, topiaries are wonderfully sculptural and bring a stylish artfulness in the space. An elegant way to freshen up any space, topiaries in modern geometric or classical shapes can lighten up any indoor or outdoor space. As topiaries can take years to grow and shape up, we have come up with preserved ones to bring you the charm and grandeur of this timeless beauty. Our sophisticated and chic artificial topiaries are based on Italian Renaissance Garden designs and as such they are amazingly realistic and timeless.

Having its roots in the 17th century, topiaries are still spreading their formal charm and elegance in gardens and indoors today and no matter what geometric shape or style you are looking for, you will find it here. Whether you are looking for a topiary which will blend in perfectly with your contemporary or classic formal interiors, we have got you covered. Whether you are looking for a simplistic geometric design or a carefully constructed artful one, we have topiaries across various varieties and styles for your home or office interiors as well as for outdoors.

One of the all time classics, Boxwood is our most popular topiary which is universally-appealing and fits in any type of setting. Our Boxwood topiaries are simple yet effective, classic yet modern and bring style and grace to any space. And it’s not just about geometric topiaries. If you are looking to create a living wall or if you are looking to create a natural fence or a hedge, then we have products which can be custom created according to your needs. Crafted from premium quality material, our topiaries boast of stunning realism and natural-like features which will become a part of your garden, patio, entranceway or interiors instantly.

A vital ingredient if you are looking to give your space a fresher and bolder look, topiaries are a perfect choice since centuries. They have influenced interior and exterior designs since ages and continue to do so. Silk Plants Direct understands the cultural roots that topiaries have had and have re-created their aura and style. Our collection of topiaries perfectly captures the elegance and beauty that has made them so popular since centuries.

Whether you are looking to bring formality to some space or looking to bring some symmetry, our topiaries are extremely effective. No matter where you place them, you just cannot miss their freshness and bold looks. They will be a central feature of your space and even in their simplest form, our topiaries will ensure a feeling of elegance and sophistication. A great way to bring formality in contemporary settings and playfulness in a formal setting, topiaries willingly blend in a numerous types of settings. No matter what the shape or size, style or variety, topiaries are chic and bring charisma to all kinds of spaces.

Nothing will spruce up your hallways or foyer more than our artificial topiaries. We have the freshest and lifelike collection of faux topiary, spirals and cones, Boxwood, Cedar, Cypress and Ivy topiaries which will create a really cozy setting. Go ahead and deck your halls with our revitalizing and realistic topiaries which will welcome your guests with its warmth.