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No matter if it’s the fashion designers or architects, we often look into the past to create current trends. Whether we do it to ‘freshen up things’ or want to recreate the highly effective and pleasing aesthetics and functionality, past designs serve a wonderful barometer to reflect into. And when it comes to garden or interior design, this cannot be more relevant. Century old designs are still dominating the landscapes and for good reason. One such style development influencing our gardens and interiors are topiaries. Topiaries are known to be practiced in the first century in ancient Rome and still they never cease to inspire and exude warmth and sophistication in our spaces.

Such is the beauty of topiaries that they fit in gracefully into any space. Our team at Silk Plants Direct has great insights and practice into creating beautiful Renaissance landscape looks and has created a large collection of artificial topiaries in multiple sizes and shapes. Whether you are a fan of the good old ball topiary or prefer the trendier double or triple ball ones, whether you love the whimsical look of our spiral topiaries or prefer the boldness of the cone ones, we have topiaries in shapes which will impress each and every onlooker.

An artificial topiary has an amazing presence and their purpose and effect change with their shape. A simple topiary can instill a formal and calming effect on the entire landscape whereas a spiral or multiple ball topiary can make for a wild and vibrant presence. Made from high quality material, our faux topiaries do not require high maintenance and are extremely durable. A great way to bring in a splash of color and freshness in your landscape, an artificial topiary will embellish your décor till times to come.

Topiaries have a charming ability to freshen up a traditional cottage whereas their trendy and whimsical look have the ability to put retro and traditions into modern spaces. An easy and gorgeous way to add your personal style to the space, topiaries adds a wonderful sculptural touch to the setting. Place our topiary shapes on either side of your door and watch them surprise first time visitors with their energetic presence. They are a delightful accessory to accentuate the front door and extend a warm welcome to the guests.

These are wonderful ornamentals. If you are craving for a formal, traditional then topiaries are perfect and if you are looking to give your landscape a modern, energetic look then topiaries fit in elegantly. It all depends on what shape and style you opt for.

If you think that ‘boring’ is the best word which describes your home interiors, then you have to bring in something which will give it a new, interesting look. Something like our collection of artificial Topiaries. From artificial Topiary Balls to silk Topiary Spirals, faux Topiary Cones to fake Hedges and Mats, we have the most pleasing and whimsical collection of silk Topiary in a range of styles and sizes. Just bring in our faux Topiaries and watch them inject energy and grace into the setting season after season.