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Our artificial boxwood hedges are the perfect decorations to cover unsightly views or staging areas, and at the same time add appeal to the event setting. Perfect for your defining or partitioning event spaces, patios or gardens, our faux boxwood hedges bring privacy, traffic planning, and a beautiful aesthetic to your event. So, if you’re looking to add beauty to your event setting while providing privacy, our artificial boxwood hedges are the best.

If you are looking to define your garden or interior areas or borders, then our collection of artificial boxwood hedges and screens are ideal for you. Stylish and highly stately, these artificial boxwood fences and panels will bring elegance and privacy to your space without any fuss. Boxwood is the most popular choice when it comes to hedges and mats, and we have re-created the beauty and sophistication of this evergreen plant into various lifelike decorations. Whether you want to bring a formal or casual look to your event, this artificial boxwood fits right in and will give your space a crisp, manicured edge.