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Trees have striking beauty and a magical aura which transforms a space completely. The unparalleled charm and the elegant beauty of trees in décor cannot be overlooked and landscapes without them aren’t the same. No matter how sophisticated or chic your design is, there is always something missing without the trees. They bring a part of nature into your home or commercial space. Whether its interior or outdoor space, you need a certain calmness and something which will bring a sense of balance in your lives and décor.

To ensure this, Silk Plants Direct has come up with a large range of indoor and outdoor artificial trees which are extremely realistic, universally appealing and will bring a joyful color and tranquility to your space. Whether you are looking for Bamboo trees or Bonsai trees, Palm trees or Tropical trees, we have the most beautiful trees which will bring a fresh vibe to your landscape.

No matter the room, patio or office setting, any space could use a little refreshing green. Whether you are looking for a big tree for shade in your patio or a small tree for your room, a decorative tree for your dour reception area or a green splash for your minimal office space, our trees will add a playful element and bring elegance in an otherwise monotonous landscape. You can use our artificial trees to add a little height in your room by placing it at the center, or our realistic trees placed in a corner adds a wonderful welcoming touch to the warm tones of your space. If you have floor to ceiling windows, then our outdoor trees near it completes a chic look which makes the tree feel like a part of the room.

If you are struggling with the décor of your neutral living space, then a burst of green will surely pair well with it. Our trees will help to balance out the natural toned room and bring charm to the setting. Our collection consists of a large variety of trees which are extremely realistic and does not require constant upkeep. Crafted to perfection, these faux trees make use of premium quality material which brings you a stunningly realistic appearance.

Our trees bring a sense of calm and warmth with themselves. An iconic presence in your interior and exterior landscape, they are sophisticated and luxurious, epitome of relaxation and an elegant wildness. If you are looking to add a touch of romance and serenity to any space, then our trees are the perfect option. They will bring much-needed color and freshness in your space and maintain its clean look. A great way to spruce up your dining or office reception area; our trees are also a great way to bring symmetry in large household or commercial spaces.

Greenery livens up any landscape and leaves a cheerful persona. Bringing an important sense of life in the increasingly concrete surrounding, trees have become extremely integral to a dramatic and an aesthetically pleasing setting.

Looking to create a glamorous impression in your home or office? Consider our huge range of artificial trees which will make a wonderful addition to any setting interior or exterior. From Bamboo to Banana trees, Ficus to Palm trees, Olive to Pine trees, our premium quality faux trees will bring a burst of energy and light up your entire settings.