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Whether you are looking to create an expansive beach home or want to introduce simple greenery in your space, we have a collection of artificial trees which will be central to your design style. Browse through our wide range of best-selling silk trees which will amplify the look and feel of your design style. Right from artificial Palm trees to Flowering trees, outdoor to indoor trees, Fruit trees to decorative ones, here are some of our best-selling faux trees which will introduce life in your dour landscape.

One of the joys of sitting in the outdoor seating area is the quintessential presence of color, peaceful nature and taking in the refreshing atmosphere created by plants and trees. Beauty and elegance are reasons enough to bring some trees in the garden, but their role goes beyond that. When you buy our artificial trees, they will take center stage in your landscape, providing structure and energy to the entire space. Whether you want some trees in your outdoor space for their beauty or shade, to add stunning texture and color or to add privacy, they will transform an unhealthy landscape environment seamlessly. Here are some extremely versatile, best selling artificial trees of Silk Plants Direct to energize your outdoor space.

Whether you want a focal point for your garden or you are looking to add unique texture and calmness in your outdoor seating area, we have crafted a number of trees in various varieties and styles for your landscape. A showstopper known for its incredibly attractive foliage, our Pine tree will provide serenity to your outdoor space. Dense and extremely rejuvenating, they will stand in all color and glory in your space in contrast to the winter season landscape.

If you have a long driveway and want to give it variety and an element of playfulness, then our artificial Mango tree will be a wonderful decorative accent to the area. Just line your driveway with them and watch our trees create an year round interest in your dour space. If you want our faux trees to shield your space from prying neighbors and noise and pollution, then our long Bamboo trees or Oriental Ficus trees are ideal. Their vertical height will provide you all the privacy and their striking appeal will energize your space. Crafted from premium quality material, our trees do not require constant upkeep and will provide you exotic beauty till times to come. Highly durable and sophisticated, they have extremely lifelike looks which make them a great choice for any space.

Because of their seemingly endless charm and splendor, our fake trees for sale are a great addition to any space. They will provide vertical structure to your setting and will standout in any landscape. A great way to add a pleasant backdrop to your patio or deck, our trees are known for their rejuvenating aura. Easy and convenient to use, they will add architectural interest to your landscape.

Are you looking to bring some refreshing foliage in your home décor, but puzzled and overwhelmed with the choice? We have made things simpler for you by compiling a list of our best selling artificial trees. Some of our most popular and eye-catching trees, these best-selling silk trees will fit in beautifully no matter where you place them. From Eucalyptus to Birch, Olive to Juniper, Maple to Cedar, our faux trees will bring an exotic look and feel to your space.