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No matter how amazing or dull the weather is outside, we can make our home cheerful and one which exudes playfulness throughout the year. There are many ways to accomplish this, but one of the easiest and sure-shot ways is to bring home trees. Or at least some components of trees if you or your space are not comfortable with the big presence of trees. Trees bring life to any room and helps you to put emphasis and wow factor in the style of your space. If you are looking to give your stylish (or rather mundane) home design a finishing touch, then we have something for you. At Silk Plants Direct, we have crafted a range of tree components to ensure that you get something which will evoke the feelings you want to introduce in your home décor.

Whether you have a traditional or urban home, tight spaces or expansive rooms, want to bring home a rustic look or romantic shades, we have something which will blend in perfectly. With fresh looks and minimal appearance, our tree leaves, foliages and branches are lively pieces of greenery which will be at home in your modern apartment. Featuring lush foliage and stately branches, they are easy to work with and will be an energetic presence in the space. Simplistic and minimal, our decorative branches and twigs are ideal to add to a cluster of flowers in a vase. Boasting of sculptural shape and various styles, these branches have a striking texture and will add a rustic charm to your setting. Our products are fashioned from premium quality material and as such they have a highly realistic look.

A great way to add fun and graceful element to your home setting, our logs and poles collection is elegant and classic. You might think about how a simple, bland branch bring playfulness and charm to a room, but let us assure you that it's a part of a growing trend and the plain, old branches and barks are enjoying a moment. Ideal to create a raw and casual design, they can adorn a wall on their own or can be added to a floral arrangement with huge blooms to create an attention grabber. They do not require constant upkeep and will continue to adorn your setting till times to come.

If you cannot bring home a big tree, you can certainly work with minimal components. They can hold on their own, in fact, their casual appearance exudes abundance and cheer.