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You have seen and done it all in your home décor till now. Plants, flowers, trees, foliage and numerous other ‘nature-inspired’ decorative accents have taken center stage in our home design when we had to provide color and some pleasing aspect to the rooms. But, there are other raw and earthy elements which are sparingly used in our homes to provide an artistic touch to it. We are talking about birch logs and poles. Often overlooked and not thought about creatively, they are worthy enough to bring a raw elegance to any space. We have created a collection of artificial birch logs in various forms, sizes, and texture which would look chic in any home design - contemporary or traditional.

A stylish way to bring a rustic charm to any home design, these logs integrate beautifully in any space and when displayed creatively, they are an unusual, unique and striking architectural features. No matter how clean or chaotic your space is, they will always find a place for them and won't look out of order at all. Consider our artificial Birch logs which are perfect to design a fireplace. Stack them besides the fireplace and you have a modern element which is minimalistic yet traditional. Crafted from premium quality material, they are extremely real to look at and it will take a keen to make out that they are artificial. Durable and maintenance free, our logs and branches will be present to provide you coziness alongside your fireplace till times to come.

A great way to add interest to a dull space or corner, stack them up by the wall and you will have a charming rough texture with a palette of woods in your hands. An ideal and unique way to provide symmetry to a room, our Birch logs will add interest to the setting and also provide a sense of purpose. If you have a simple, clean room with no overwhelming elements then these logs and branches are exactly what your space requires. Perfect to provide texture and warmth, they will bring a cozy and comfortable ambiance to the setting with an edge, which is exactly what a minimalistic space requires.

A great way to add a rustic dimension and feel to any space, our Birch logs are extremely stylish and will add a design inspiration to your home like no other accent.

Sometimes minimal, subtle accessories make the most impact in a space. And this is exactly what our collection of artificial Birch logs, poles, branches and bark sheets will bring to your setting – a rustic and appealing impact. Display them on the walls as art, add them to your existing landscapes, place them near your fireplace as decorative elements or create an accent wall using them, our faux Birch logs, poles, branches and bark sheets will be perfect accessories. If you have a boring and predictable interior space, then it could certainly do with these fake Birch logs, poles, branches and bark sheets.