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Most of the trees we have in our gardens, the trees the neighbors have in their gardens and probably some trees in the entire neighborhood are tastes of our ancestors. Whatever they loved, could grow and appreciated are now carried forward in our spaces much like acquired tastes. But, shouldn’t gardens and our home décor have something which offer variety and something which expresses our own personality and individuality? Shouldn’t our spaces be something which could evoke conversations and likes and dislikes rather than expressing homogeneity and plain blandness? What’s the point if we aren’t experimenting and appreciating uniqueness and trees which are awkward or different yet striking? If you are one of those, who is intrigued by this and want to try something different, then this collection of artificial trees is for you.

Whether you have a tight garden space or have the liberty to expand your ideas like your landscape, we have some of the most amiable trees which will boost interest in your space. A true beauty indoors as well as in the garden, our Olive, and Dracaena trees have a wonderful shape which will surely enhance the overall design of your garden. With their artful trunk and realistic foliage, they are a striking duo and will be a wonderful welcoming addition to space.

Consisting of big leaves and dense, concentrated greenery, our Rubber trees and Schefflera trees will reward your space with utmost beauty and exclusivity. If you are looking to create a living fence in your space, then have a look at these beautiful natural barriers. Tall and showy, they will form a great barrier and also provide a scintillating backdrop for your other plants. Combine it with our colorful flowering trees or plants and you will have a beautiful contrast which will make a real statement.

Boasting of delicate, attractive foliage, which will add a real spark to your patio, we can assure you that our tree collection will definite earn compliments and start a conversation. Our faux trees are extremely lifelike due to the high-quality material that goes into their creation. They also do not require constant upkeep and will continue to grace your space till times to come.

Put together a refreshing interior using our trees and no matter how or where you use them, you just cant go wrong. A great way to emphasize interesting elements in your architecture, our trees do a great job in creating harmony and balance in the setting.