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Hedges have been one of the most popular landscaping choices when it comes to creating geometry in a space or when you are craving for some privacy. One of the best ways to visually define spaces, hedges lend warmth and charm to the garden as well as bring some order and symmetry to the space. Whether you are looking to create a border for your garden or for your privacy room or want to shield some area out of the prying eyes of your neighbors and the world, faux hedges are perfect choices. We know how important privacy is and how to go about it in the most beautiful and elegant way. This led us to create a wide range of artificial boxwood hedges which will bring a charming effect to your space.

Hedges are not just beauty options but they are extremely elegant utility option as well. They not just bring in greenery and freshness to the space but they also help in defining an area whether its outdoors or indoors. An interesting way to create a sound or pollution barrier in your commercial space or in your homes, fake hedges maintain the refined and pleasant look of a space. Instead of creating barriers by constructing walls and fences are complete eyesores, hedges give a more colorful and elegant option to work with.

Real hedges come with a lot of mess. They require routine care and often create a mess. Not to forget the patience required while they grow at their own pace and the constant trimming and caring that follows. To ensure that you get the mesmerizing beauty and the utility of hedges without any of the care and other hassles that come with it, our highly experienced team of designers created a large collection of artificial boxwood hedges to give you an year round beauty. Crafted from high quality materials, our hedges are extremely durable and realistic and bring some panache in to a dull space.

Ideal solutions to screen the space from the world, our faux hedges are a much more refined and sophisticated options. Instead of going for the crude metal frames and the ugly brick walls to shield your space and to separate it from the surroundings, why not go with a more joyful and colorful option? A bundle of evergreen elegance and style, our faux hedges enable you to be more creative and imaginative while working with your landscape.

One of the trends observed in British housing estates and in modern commercial spaces, hedges bring back the traditional way of marking the boundary of a space. A classic and old-school way to line up the boundaries and create a softer visual barrier, hedges feel better and look better.

Gone are the days when rusty, ugly and downright boring barriers were used to screen a space. These days its all about beauty plus function, elegance plus utility. Just what our collection of artificial hedges offers. Whether you want to conceal unsightly or objects in your landscape, want to create a private retreat or divide a space, these faux hedges are ideal. Combining grace with sturdiness, our silk hedges will help you create the desired landscape without any hassles. These fake hedges will not just bring privacy in your space but they will also bring bright, rich feel in the setting.