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Whenever we are looking to create some privacy, we always look forward to create a wall or build a fence. Why do we always have to go with the dull option? Make no mistake, walls and fences are effective and do the job perfectly, but why don’t we go with an inspired option? Why not create a barrier or divide our space in the most playful and charming manner? Perhaps, you think that there are not many options available which let you create a screening effect with beauty and durability. The experienced team at Silk Plants Direct has created Boxwood mat panels, screen and rolls to give you a scintillating and striking option to screen your space with grace and effect.

One of the first things which come to mind when we think of bringing in freshness and greenery in home décor, faux boxwood mat, panels, screen and rolls work in contemporary and traditional spaces and have been inspiring home décor since centuries now. Stylish and striking, our boxwood combines sophistication and flair and enable you to bring variety and charm indoors. Whether you are looking for some greenery in your home or office, hotel or restaurant, shopping mall or any other commercial space, our boxwood will perfectly in any setting and is carefree enough to suit any busy lifestyle.

An ideal solution to create a living wall in your home or if you are looking to provide some structure to your huge space, our faux boxwood mats, panels, screens and rolls are the perfect decorations to do so. If you are looking to bring some old-English style in your living room, then these boxwood styles are absolutely perfect for your project. A great way to add strength and charm to your walls and fences, our artificial boxwood is the ideal foil you need for your beauty and utility needs.

An extremely vibrant presence, these faux boxwood mats, panels, screens and rolls provide a lively backdrop to any setting. Full and lush, they can also be used as a border to divide the space in a big space. Whether you want to provide elegance and dimension to your space or want to add a calming influence, our boxwood styles and shapes with their pleasant hue and texture will do a wonderful job. Fashioned from high quality material, our boxwood is durable and long-lasting and does not require constant upkeep.

If you are looking to create an effective private space in your garden or you are looking to blur unsightly views, these boxwood decorations will soften your imposing landscape and bring variety to it. Boxwood is a timeless piece of decoration and our amazingly diverse styles and shapes are crafted to bring the joy and tradition of boxwood indoors.