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Are you a big fan of the French garden space? Do you yearn for a mini version of Versailles-esque garden space in your own backyard? If you love the traditional French style of landscape design and are looking to recreate it in your space, then we have something which will help you a great deal – our collection of outdoor topiaries. Form and design play a vital role in such gardens and our artificial topiaries provide just that. Stylish and stately, they have a bold and stylish touch to them which will glorify any space. One of the most striking features of French garden space, these topiaries will be the centerpiece of your landscape and will catch the eye of every visitor with its glamour.

Here, we have complied a collection of some of our best-selling artificial topiaries which will bring style and vigor to your landscape. Whether it’s your home entrance or the garden gate, these topiaries will give your space an exotic look throughout the year. Topiaries are considered as elegant sculptures and ornaments and are treasured for the energetic environment they create. Faux topiaries are the perfect ingredient to create a cottage style garden, topiaries are informal and will provide you the old-school magic required for the look. Known for their rejuvenating color and intricate shapes, they are usually placed on the home’s front entrance way to provide to the pop of color and a sense of order.

A work of stately art, if you are looking to bring some shape and structure to your landscape, our faux topiaries are highly recommended. Beautiful, decorative accents which will beautiful any space with its charm and form, our topiaries will withstand the harshness of weather and will continue to delight you till times to come. Whether its modern and contemporary space or a vintage décor design, our topiaries fit right in and will bring a pleasing personality to the entire setting.

Popular landscape choices to line an entryway, topiaries add energy and fun to the space and will act as a perfect foil to your messy or unorganized landscape. They are crafted using premium quality material and boast of exciting realism and high durability.

One of the best ways to bring some rustic charm in your landscape is by the addition of our best selling artificial topiary plants to it. They are casual yet have an element of elegance and class. They are full of energy and yet a tad whimsical. They are full of personality and will bring an inviting character and warmth to your space which will become a mainstay in your setting.

If you are a fan of the English style garden but don’t have the time and patience to create that traditional style, then we have something for you – a collection of our best artificial topiaries. A great way to give your landscapes a refreshing, fun look, these are some of our best topiary creations which will bring excitement to any setting. Featuring a mix of traditional splendor and modern style, these silk topiaries are our best selling products. So, if you want to give your home a welcoming touch, our faux topiaries will do it perfectly.