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Are you a fan of the English style garden but find it too formal for your setting? Then you’re not alone. There are many people who find the traditional style charming but are put off by its ‘too formal’ look. There is a ‘new English’ style of garden and plantings which are becoming more popular and give the landscape a fresher and casual look. Bold topiaries are an integral part of this new style and give landscape and gardens a modern twist. Our team at Silk Plants Direct has crafted a huge collection of preserved topiary in the form of balls, plants and trees which are full of personality and excitement.

Lifelike replica of topiary, if you are looking to bring uniqueness and freshness to your landscape then this is the ideal option. A perfect addition to your garden, patio, landscape or porch area, our preserved topiary is rich and captivating and will fill your area with elegance and joy. Combining traditional splendor with modern twist, our topiary will bring effortless charm in your outdoor space and will bring a sense of rejuvenation to it. Ideal to create symmetry in your space, our artificial topiary will provide warmth in the setting.

What you do with your home exteriors is visible to the world and reflects your tastes and personality. Embellish your outdoors in a dull way and people will think the same about you. However, having a big impact on the space will define the landscape and even you. Decorate your space with our topiary which will make it so charming and magical that your guests and onlookers won’t stop looking at it. A wonderful green cover for your outdoor space, our artificial topiaries make a mesmerizing addition to the front door and will help in creating the comfortable and cozy look.

With beautiful contrast, smooth texture and lush foliage, our preserved topiaries are relaxing and are perfectly suited to a large number of settings including airports, shopping malls, pools, hotels, restaurants, office lobbies and others. Crafted from premium quality material, these topiaries look extremely lifelike and do not require constant maintenance. Durable and energetic, they will stay in your landscape till times to come and will continue to sparkle no matter how harsh weather conditions are.

A great way to add appeal to your entrances, preserved topiaries boast of realistic texture and color which will make your guests feel welcomed in your space. If you are looking to add joy and vibrancy to your outdoor landscape, then these topiaries are ideal. They give your space a modern feel and will highlight the beautiful elements of your landscape. If you want to bring out the most stunning visual aspect in your outdoor space in the least amount of space and effort then this is the one you shouldn’t miss.

Topiaries give any landscape a stylish look but are notorious for the amount of patience and care they need. To give you the bold and graceful looks of topiary without any care, we have crafted this range of  preserved topiary ball plants and trees. Lifelike replica of topiaries, our artificial topiary ball plants and trees exude realistic color and texture giving your landscape a comfortable and cozy look. No matter where you display them, these silk topiary ball plants and trees are full of personality and will give your space a rejuvenating, attractive look.