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One of the vintage decorative accessories right out of the Renaissance era, our artificial boxwood topiary is a work of stately art. If you love the look of greenery then this silk boxwood topiary is the perfect decorative to embellish your setting. A symbol of beauty and charm, these rejuvenating accents are just delightful.

Boxwood topiaries molded into ornamental shapes add an undeniable sculptural feel and an artful touch to the space. Whether its shaped into ball or spiral, cones or hedges, our collection of artificial boxwood topiary in modern geometric shapes bring a fresh and stylish outlook to any setting. An elegant and fuss free way to add greenery and elegance to the space, these faux boxwood topiaries are fun and bring a welcoming feel to any setting. No matter if you have a formal or casual setting, our fake boxwood topiaries are available in various shapes, styles and sizes and blend in perfectly in any kind of landscape.