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One of the best design plants to play around with, boxwood is a great plant to define garden areas and borders. The oldest garden ornamental which came to our country in the mid-1600s, boxwood is known to bring style and grace in any type of setting. Old it may be, but this evergreen shrub fits in perfectly in any type of setting – traditional, formal and modern. An overwhelming favorite when it come to hedges, boxwood is such a refreshing and irresistible presence that it lights up any dull décor. At Silk Plants Direct we understand the cultural and historic significance of boxwood hedges and as such we have come up with a wide range of faux boxwood hedges that will fit right into your space.

While many people view artificial box hedges as something which will cover the beauty aspect of the décor, their role as a utility feature cannot be ignored. A great way to bring some green cover and freshness to the space, faux boxwood hedges are also an interesting way to create sound and pollution barrier. Boxwood hedges are also ideal to bring some formality in the garden or to create some symmetry. However, they are also one of the toughest plants to maintain. To make sure that you get the elegance and year-round charm of boxwood without the routine care and mess, we have created a wide range of artificial hedges to add an artful touch to your space.

It takes a lot of time and effort to grow, maintain and perfect hedges. But our boxwood hedges are extremely easy to install and use and are ready to add the sculptural touch to your setting. An ideal option to create an outline for your garden or to bring some exclusivity to a space, our artificial box hedges will fit in the space perfectly and will carve out a look which you intend with ease. If you are looking to bring some distinction in your garden space or if you want to bring some sophistication and an old school romance in your space, then our boxwood hedge is a perfect choice.

Pair up our boxwood hedges with some colorful flowers around and you will get a space which provides a wonderful color contrast and a burst of life. An ever present beauty which will lighten up your space with its grandness and style, boxwood hedges provide a lush and visually exciting barrier which will be a striking feature of any setting. Crafted from premium quality materials, our faux boxwood hedges do not require constant upkeep and will grace your space till times to come.

Often the importance of hedges is underestimated. People set up their garden or patio or a privacy space without giving much thought to hedges. And that is where they hit the brick wall, literally and figuratively. No matter what you are planning for your garden, boxwood hedges should be central to your plan. If not for its utility or its beauty, then just for its grandiose appearance and formal traditions.