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One of the favorite bushes of Victorians, boxwood has been around in the country since the mid-1600s and they still rule our gardens. Over time the popularity of boxwood has waned and increased, but they haven’t been as popular and as distinct as they are now. Due to their ability to be sculpted in different shapes, boxwood has been the plant of choice indoors and outdoors. And to make sure that you enjoy boxwood with all their beauty and energy without any hassles, Silk Plants Direct has come up with preserved boxwood topiary. Like real, refreshing greenery in your home, our preserved boxwood provides the luxuriant green color, lifelike texture and appearance which invoke the same sense of warmth and tranquility like its real counterpart.

Whether it’s the garden or patio, office space or any room in your home, there is something soothing and charming about boxwood which appeals to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have a traditional or modern space; boxwood fits in perfectly and brings a satisfying feeling in the ambiance.

Why bring in any other plant when you can choose from the extremely energetic boxwood and the various shapes that it comes in? Boxwood are worth for their traditional look combined with their stunning modern appeal which gives a fun look to the entire room. It just changes the feeling of the entire room. Crafted from premium quality material, our preserved boxwood is durable and does not require constant upkeep. It’s no fun bringing in something which will bring grace to your space but bother you with endless requirements. So, we created this preserved boxwood which looks extremely realistic and gives you joy without much hassles.

Stately, refreshing and full of life decorations which evoke a sense of purity and tranquility, our preserved boxwood is a wonderful treat for any space. One of the perfect accessories to decorate your sheltered outdoor space, our boxwood brings a sense of exclusivity and will give you a nice break from the usual plants and flowers. Using our preserved boxwood near your home entrance or near the garden entrance will bring softness to the space and add a whimsical touch to it. A perfect ingredient to introduce color in your soft décor, our boxwood is great for creating a lively décor and will take your space to the next level.

There is something about boxwood. They are chic, give structure to the space and are so pleasing to the eye. If you are craving to bring the Old-English style in your home, then our preserved boxwood is all you need.

Home décor or even landscapes can get boring sometimes. Even with the additions of most beautiful flowers and trees, they may fall flat. Why not introduce some surprising and bold accessories to bring some variety? Why not bring in our artificial preserved boxwood? Refreshing and stately, our collection of faux preserved boxwood comes in a variety of styles and shapes making them a fun and vibrant introduction. Sculptural with a touch of whimsy, this fake preserved boxwood range will create a fun atmosphere in your landscape.