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Topiaries are straight out of the fairy tale books. They have amazing color and texture and to add to the glitter, they are molded into some artful shapes that take the breath away. There’s absolutely nothing you can hate about them. They have a stunning ability to bring some spice into a monotonous space and brighten up a setting with their form and color. At Silk Plants Direct, we understand how cool and visually appealing topiaries should be and hence, we have carved out our scintillating collection of boxwood ball topiaries. Offering a trendy contrast to a formal setting, our artificial boxwood ball topiaries provide a refreshing change of color and style making your space interesting.

One of the best ways to make a wild and vivid statement indoors, our faux topiary trees with their unique three balls on top of each other provide a nice height and color to the décor. The wonderful sculpture and color of our topiaries stand out in any space and if you are looking to create a summer landscape in your home interiors then this one is for you. With a whole bunch of stylish and lively designs, we offer artificial boxwood ball topiaries in various shapes and sizes which will fit right in and bring some life in your space.

Whether it’s your home entrance or living room area, library space or the kitchen, our boxwood ball topiaries will create a beautiful scene. And it’s not just for homes. A wide number of commercial spaces too make use of our topiaries to spark imagination and to bring in some creativity in their dull setting. One of the easiest ways to give your space a rich and refreshing look without creating much fuss, our artificial boxwood ball topiaries is a classic addition to any décor. Crafted from premium quality material, our topiaries have an extremely realistic look and does not require any maintenance.

Boasting of a classic shape, our faux topiary trees bring elegance to any room, any corner. Try placing one in the corner of the living room or the dining table, or a pair on the either side of the shelf or the sitting area. Topiaries are simple, stylish and when they are as easy to maintain as ours, then there’s no reason not to try them. And when you have a soft and subtle color scheme, then it becomes even more imperative to have something vibrant like our topiary to spark some imagination.

Topiaries are a wonderful decoration accessory which makes any space look grand. And when they are placed around the seating area, they can bring some fun and joy in the space. If you are looking to make your home or garden a more inviting space, then our boxwood ball topiaries will be the perfect addition.

Nothing comes close to the grandness and glamorous look of topiaries. Available in a variety of styles and shapes, they can bring interest to any landscape. And if you’re looking to bring a refreshing and lively decorative accent in your home décor, then our artificial boxwood ball topiaries are just ideal. Whether you want to create an energetic landscape or a whimsical backdrop for your seating area, or want to create a delightfully functional setting, these silk boxwood ball topiaries are perfect. Our faux boxwood ball topiaries will lift the overall look and feel of your landscape.