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Your home design should be about you – it should express your personality and what you like. Rather than following some décor trend and creating the look which is ‘in’, you should ameliorate your home with your style. Your home interior space should celebrate you rather than the tastes and inspiration of someone else. And if you think that you need some calm and cozy accessories in your home décor to support your cool, calm and collected style then so be it. If you love tropical look and see beauty in small, dwarf things, then bring something which reflects it. At Silk Plants Direct, we have decorative accents to suit every personality and style, and if you are looking for a soothing presence in your space then our range of small, short artificial Palm trees is ideal for you.

If you love celebrating the tropics and the laid back atmosphere, then our collection of dwarf palm trees will give you loads of joy. No matter how dull and uninspiring your shelf display is, if you want to liven it up then this Areca Palm plant will help you. An unexpected injection of color and fresh foliage, our Areca palm will bring a bit of cheer to the setting. If you are one of those who starts every morning with lethargy, then all you need is our Cycas Palm tree. An outburst of foliage in all directions, it will be a strikingly beautiful display at your breakfast place and will give you energy and make you smile.

We have crafted a wide selection of faux palm trees in their mini-version which will help you increase your urban home’s limited square footage beautifully and elegantly. Graceful and dramatic, these miniature palm trees will certainly cheer up your setting. Our Bamboo palm, for one, exudes personality and abundance and will light up the décor with its casual yet elegant presence. Crafted from premium quality material, these faux palm trees do not require constant maintenance and are perfectly suited for busy households or offices. They look highly lifelike and will pose on your desks, shelves or tables till times to come.

Whether you’re seeking a rejuvenating presence for your sleek and modern home décor or want to match the tone of your space with some decoration, these trees work beautifully. You will be amazed at how elegantly and effectively they will freshen up your setting. Home entryway is the perfect place to display them and don’t be surprised if every visitor is cheered up while at your place.

When decorating a room we always forget to give it finishing touches. Those little extra somethings, which makes a room really special. And if you’re looking for such accents, then we have something perfect for you – our selection of artificial Small Plants. Minimal and compact design elements which will refresh a space with their bright color and texture, we have silk Short Trees which will fit in small places and light it up. A great way to reinvigorate a space without much hassle, these faux Dwarf Trees will be a delightful presence in the setting.