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Palms are incredibly special accents. With their clean lines, gorgeous stately trunk and refreshing fronds, they make a space so much cooler, calmer and better with their presence. And you know what makes some Palms more appealing? Their tropical vibe and unusual shape. Like the bold and eye-catching fan-shape. Here’s our collection of artificial Fan Palm which when introduced in a space will take it to the next level. Simple, striking and incredibly rejuvenating accents, our silk Palms are suited for every design style and will bring a lovely, happy vibe to the setting till times to come.

From artificial Fan Palm Sprays to silk Fan Palm Trees to faux Fan Palm Bushes, we have this variety in various sizes, styles and varieties that will help you create a special display without any fuss. Accents that will make a beautiful statement in your space, these faux Fan Palm elements will make quite an impression in the setting.

If you’re planning to buy artificial Fan Palms for your décor, then browse our collection and you’ll get exactly what you need. Our fake Fan Palms are created using premium quality material and as such they look quite lifelike. These are captivating, hassle-free elements that do not require any sort of heavy maintenance.