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Our gardens and the plants we grow indoors point to the personality of the person and define not only him but the neighborhood. Trees contribute significantly to the looks and likes of the community and is one of its defining features. Hence, when a person goes for a tropical landscape in his space, he is not just making a statement but he his expressing his preference for a holiday setting. A relaxing and serene escapade. Towering and stately, palm trees have a remarkable ability to put commotion out of the window and bring in a sense of ease and a relaxing vibe to space. And the best part? Palm trees fit in graciously in every space.

Whether it’s your modern living space or vintage styled room, they will be at home and bring life to it. No matter what the design style of your home interiors is or what furnishings it consist of, we have designed our artificial palm trees in a way that they will be an integral part of your interior landscape. At Silk Plants Direct, our team of designers has put together a large collection of various Palm varieties of different sizes and shapes to make sure that their presence is felt in your landscape and their elegance lent to the room.

One of our best selling categories, palm trees are so much of an elegant presence and will give a complete makeover to the space. A great way to create atmosphere in your patio, outdoor room or even main room, they are such a calming influence and after some time you will see the sereneness transferred to you. One of the easiest and fun ways to go tropical, our fake palm trees look great in any design and you can never go wrong with them.

If your space is lacking a pop of color and cool vibes, then our palm trees are made for you. Crafted from premium quality material, they look extremely lifelike and do not require constant upkeep. Versatile, stately and durable, they boast of realistic color and texture and will provide you a tropical paradise till times to come.

An iconic presence in itself, the refreshing green of palm trees are therapeutic and will form a rejuvenating piece of interior landscape no matter where you place them. And its not just the pleasant looks. An artificial palm tree has a certain boldness and an elegant wilderness about them which brings energy in the atmosphere. A must have for the romantics, our palm tree varieties offer a touch of class and romance about them which can never go out of vogue.

If you think that the environment of your home interiors has gone too bland, then here is something which will spark life into it and completely refresh it – our artificial Palm Trees. A collection of some of the best Palm Trees around, we have silk Palm which will evoke a calm, laid-back mood in the setting season after season. From artificial Areca Palm to Fan Palm, Banana Palm to Coconut Palm Trees, we have some of the most exotic faux Palm Trees which will reinvigorate your space with relative ease and no hassles.