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Also known as broadleaf lady palm or bamboo palm, Rhapis Palm is a highly popular palm variety and features in home designs frequently. Known for their dark green, fan-shaped foliage, these palm trees bring a delightful oriental appeal to any décor. And if that’s what you want in your home interiors, then look no further than our striking collection of artificial Rhapis Palm Trees. A great way to bring a tropical vibe in your rooms without any fuss, these silk Rhapis Palm Trees have a formal elegance and will refresh your entire setting with their presence season after season.

Our faux Rhapis Palm Trees come in a range of sizes and styles and will bring a delightful welcoming vibe to your space till times to come. These are some of the most shapely, rejuvenating accents that will set the perfect mood in your home.

If you’re looking to buy palm trees for your home décor, then we highly recommend you opt for these beautiful fake Rhapis Palm Trees. Created from premium quality material, our artificial Rhapis Palm Trees have an incredibly lifelike, breezy look and feel. They’re durable, eye-catching accents that do not require any sort of constant upkeep.