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Featuring one of our best and most realistic fronds, our collection of banana palm trees has an exquisite tropical feel and an incredible realistic touch which can transform any space. The wonderfully dense foliage along with bananas peppered in the midst, these banana palm trees have a warm green color and an irresistible charm which will create a magical ambiance in any setting. Once you bring them in, you will know what your space was missing. Bananas which are tempting to pluck, peel and eat and the lush, lifelike foliage makes our trees a striking addition.

Crafted with extreme attention to details, our artificial banana palm trees have an unparalleled elegance which will make any space lively and full of energy. When you are looking for an ideal tree for your living room, patio or outdoor living area, what do you want from it? Mostly, a tree which is perfectly shaped, looks sophisticated and complements the space well and does not require much cleaning and maintenance efforts. This is exactly what our banana palm trees will provide your space. It will not just take a corner place in your setting, but it will make it unique and a tropical paradise.

Tropical aesthetics are known to create a refreshing ambiance and this is exactly what our faux banana palms bring to any landscape. Full of tranquility, it’s a complete joy to live in a setting dominated by our palm trees. Stunningly pleasant and refined, our artificial banana palm trees are flexible enough to fit into any commercial and home landscape design and will lend a beautiful appeal to it.

One of the most breathtaking and vibrant palm trees you’ll ever come across, our banana palm tree is an everlasting masterpiece. Made from premium quality material, they are extremely durable and boast of real life looks owing to the bananas and the refreshing lush tropical foliage. Our banana palm trees are quite majestic and do not require constant upkeep. An artificial banana tree is a one-of-a-kind decoration which will evoke a pleasant feeling of nature and elegance with its timeless beauty.

Featuring innovative and detailed craftsmanship, it will take a lot to convince your guests that this tree is not real. Our team of experts has worked out every minute detail to ensure that you get a lifelike replica of banana palm which will make your space calm and trendy. Home entrance is one of the first things which make an impression on the guests and when they look at banana palm trees gracing the entrance, won’t it make a grand setting? Also, consider placing them along the flanks of your driveway and watch it create a wonderful experience. If you are looking for some luxurious home decoration accessory, then this is it.

Want to style-up your home décor in the most distinct manner? We’ve got something for you – a collection of appealing and refreshing artificial Banana Palm trees. Whimsical with a touch of humor, our faux Banana Palm trees consist of lush, lifelike foliage with cute little Banana fruits which will attract the attention of everyone. A delightful decoration accessory which will make everyone in your rooms feel at ease and comfort, these silk Banana Palm trees will be a versatile addition to your home décor style. They will create a joyous setting where you’ll love to spend time in.