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Christmas is a time for something special and our Artificial Christmas Palm Trees are just that. An epitome of our high quality design and craftsmanship, our collection of Christmas palm trees are one of our most realistic trees and have become an extremely popular Christmas tree style. Our Cycas Palm trees and Outdoor Rope palm trees come with beautiful lights which fit in perfectly with the holiday cheer. Silk Plants Direct’s expert team of designers has created these absolutely lifelike replicas of palm trees to go with your special occasion.

Each Christmas palm tree is fashioned from premium quality material and use a combination of rich and captivating fronds and a stylish trunk. Featuring wonderfully lifelike looks and lights which are equally charming and eclectic, our palm trees are some of the most exclusive and pretty decorations. Whether its festivities or any special occasion, our Christmas palm trees will add fun and craft to the space and will adorn it perfectly.

This collection of artificial Christmas palm trees is really adorable and majestic. It’s a winning combination featuring lush and refreshing foliage with bright and attractive lights. Crafted from premium quality material, our trees do not require constant maintenance and will last till times to come. They are extremely durable which means that you can use them season after season during the festive period and special occasions.

We have carefully recreated the looks of Cycas Palm tree and have created it in a way that allows you to pair it up with other trees or even display your favorite ornaments on. Reflecting vibrant color and lifelike shape and texture, our trees have a bold and enchanting look and will add a festive joy in the setting.

An elegant way to add beauty and fun in your space, our Artificial Christmas palm trees are joyful and fit in perfectly in any holiday décor. Whether you are looking to bring in a pop of color or want to literally light up your entire setting, a Christmas palm will be perfect.

There are some decorations which are absolutely synonyms to a certain festivity or occasion. Without them, it just doesn’t feel right. Like our artificial Christmas Palm trees during Christmas. A wonderfully charming and lifelike rendition of the iconic Christmas tree, these silk Christmas Palm trees will complete your holiday décor and bring interest to it. Trees with a highly appealing and inviting demeanor, our selection of faux Christmas Palm trees are vibrant and will make your home décor more special. Available in a range of sizes and styles, there is a fake Christmas Palm tree for every setting.

This holiday season get set for the best decoration in the neighborhood with our collection of artificial Christmas Palm Trees. From a range of Palm varieties in beautiful, lighted forms, we have silk Christmas Palm Trees which will brighten up any monotonous space. One of the best and easiest ways to make your home décor interesting and chic, these faux Christmas Palm Trees will spark life in the setting no matter where you place them.