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When you are planning your home design, home entrance is the first thing to consider. This is the first point of contact for every visitor and sets the tone for the rest of your home. Needless to say, if something beautiful and grand greets your guests, they will be pleasantly impressed. Palm trees are one such impressionist and will help you to create a rejuvenating and enjoyable space. Cultural symbol in many regions, our Date palm trees are gorgeous and reflect the timeless beauty of the oasis. Dating back to 5000 years, date palms are a vintage piece of decorations and if you are looking to bring the classic look in your backyard or living room, then our date palm replicas are perfect for you.

A great investment to make on your home décor, front yard or outdoor deck attractive, out date palm trees will improve the landscape and will add character and structure to it. Boasting of a calming aura and an iconic representation of Middle East beauty, our faux date palm trees will keep your home design simple and interesting. Boasting a typical glory of the bygone era and a historical charm, date palm trees are gorgeous and sophisticated and look perfect in any setting.

If you are creating a desert landscape and are in need of a focal point, then don’t look beyond our fake date palm tree collection. Elegant and towering, these trees have a lifelike look and will keep your yearning for the magical oasis. The lush green foliage of our date palm trees will make your space look fresh and polished and will bring a warm and comfortable style to the setting.

Date palm trees are a striking addition to a home or commercial décor, particularly if your space lacks color or life. No matter where you introduce them, they will seamlessly fit in a design, indoors or outdoors. With refreshing green color and the wonderfully arched and long leaves, they make a great addition near the entrance of home as well as commercial spaces. Whether you want a refreshing pop of color in your interiors to negate the drabness of the weather or you are looking to counter the dull and dark looks of your space, our date palm will do wonders for the setting.

Date palm trees have an extremely exotic look and draw attention towards them and add visual interest. Whether you have an overlooking veranda with a great garden view or just a modern room, our date palm trees will make the entire imagery powerful. No matter what colors you have on the walls or what type of interior design dominates your décor, it will feel like a tropical paradise with our date palm in it.