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Bring in the beauty of the tropical region and enjoy the freshness of the beaches with our artificial Palm trees. A refreshing addition to any setting, our faux Palm trees will add some charm and warmth in your home or office décor. With lifelike fronds swaying in the breeze, our Palm trees are lively and fun.

One of the most stately and relaxing objects around, Palm trees are often the epitome of a tropical vacation. And if you’re looking to bring this calm, relaxing, tropical feel to your home or commercial space then our selection of large artificial Palm trees are perfect. Ranging from 8 feet to as high as 24 feet, we offer faux palm trees in a variety of shapes, styles, species, texture and sizes to suit your needs. A great way to introduce warmth and calm in the landscape, these fake palm trees are perfect if space/height is not a constraint. Bring it in your setting and you will see an elegant wildness introduced in the space.