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One of the most wonderful tree varieties to grace nature, Palm trees are absolutely exquisite. They are the epitome of a tropical vacation and give out such a cool and calming vibe that it’s almost impossible not to bask in their glory. And when it comes to home interiors or modern rooms, a simple introduction Palm tree can transform the looks completely and bring in a calm and warm feeling to the entire space. It’s just amazing how we associate Palm trees with relaxation and a sense of calmness and imagine how amazing it would be, if you could get in a Palm tree in your living space. Won’t that be something? A picture of luxury and calmness.

No matter where you wish to place them or what variety of palm trees you are looking for, our team at Silk Plants Direct has every variety of palm trees in various sizes to suit your needs. Right from the stately and wonderful Bamboo Palm to the exotic Banana Palm, soothing Areca Palm to the twisting and curling Date Palm trees, our collection of artificial Palm tree varieties will fit right into your landscape with ease. One of the best places to install our Palm trees is near the entrance. Not only will they glam up your entrance but their relaxing aura will add a sense of mystery and drama to the setting. And not to forget that people will be looking forward to explore the house which welcomes them with a tropical flavor.

A silk palm tree is a great way to add style to the setting, our artificial palm trees are known to add rejuvenating color and height to the space. Whether your space is modern or vintage, our palm tree varieties are bold accents and will make a grand statement. Made from premium quality material, our palm trees do not require constant upkeep and will continue to reflect tropical paradise till times to come. Extremely durable with highly realistic looks, they will create an atmosphere in your space which will be hard to miss.

Loved by everyone as one of nature’s finest gifts, palm trees are artsy and fun. Buy your silk palm tree from Silk Plants Direct to provide a clean and modern look with style and elegance. If you are looking to add personality to your space, then you need to bring one of our palm varieties in your space. The way these artificial palm trees will transform your setting and bring the tropical effect in a contemporary way will leave you speechless. Whether its indoors or outdoors, these palm varieties make for a wonderful and sophisticated design statement.

There are very few landscape accents which can match the refreshing, inventive feel of Palm Trees. And if you’re looking to bring some of them in your home interiors, then let us guide you to one of the best and biggest collections of artificial Palm Trees around. One of the best and easiest ways to bring the tropical grace to the setting, our faux Palm Trees will bring a wonderfully exotic touch to the setting. From artificial Areca Palm to Bamboo Palm, silk Banana Palm to Coconut Palm, faux Cycas to Date Palm, we have some of the graceful Palm Trees around.