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Try These 10 Decor Tricks with Faux Bonsai Plants

10 Decor Tricks With Faux Bonsai Plants

Bonsai is the beautiful Japanese art of growing miniature show trees, mainly displayed in indoor settings. Growing bonsai trees or plants, however, is a long-drawn process that requires dedicated time, effort, and resources.

Sound tedious already?

Well, we have the perfect solution for you to enjoy the graceful allure of a well-curated bonsai WITHOUT going through the pains of growing. It is none other than - faux bonsai plants.

Faux bonsai plants are taking the decor and interior design market by storm thanks to their 

  • Low maintenance 
  • Long life 
  • Limitless decor options 

Read on to learn the top 10 ideas for giving your home decor a lovely new facelift, all using faux bonsai plants.

Frame a Window with a Bonsai Plant

Faux bonsai plants, like regular bonsais, have glorious shades of green and rich colorful flowers. So keeping a plant in a window will ensure that it gets adequate natural light all day long to show off the wonderful colors. 

The best way to display a plant this way is to place a single bonsai plant in the middle of the window frame and keep the rest of the decor on that wall muted and minimalist.

Which Rooms Should You Place Your Faux Bonsai Plants In?

Like any other artificial plants with pots, faux bonsais do not have the light and space restrictions that natural plants do. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about sunlight, regular watering or clipping needs. This means that you can place your faux bonsai plant in practically any room of the house to give it a special, calming addition.

Living Room

To get the most of the peaceful and zen essence that a bonsai can add to a room, make sure that it is not overpowered by other decorative elements in the room. You can make a large bonsai arrangement, like a cherry blossom tree or a multi layered tree, the centerpiece in your living room. Place it on a centre table or small pedestal in the middle - you’ll be amazed at how it ties the whole room together. 

Or, Here’s Another Option.

If you want to keep your faux bonsai plants small, go for a slightly understated look - keep one or two small trees on a shelf in the corner. Play with lighting (like an overhanging lamp, for example) to accentuate that corner and display the lovely miniature trees.

Dining Room

Good food, good mood?

Here’s a shortcut to lifting your spirits every time you sit down for a meal at the dining table. Place a small or medium-sized bonsai tree, ideally a wholesome orange or lemon tree, in the centre of your dining table. This will undoubtedly add a dash of green and yellow - super soothing to the eye - and make for the best meal times!


Yes, you read that right. You can transform your bathroom into a fancy, sophisticated space with just this one decor quick fix. Put a small-sized bonsai on top of a wall-mounted shelf or in the window sill.

Adding small pebbles or marbles in the pot will accentuate the look - to make the smallest room look like a million bucks.


If you have a house with a balcony or a porch, we have the easiest trick to elevate its decor and give it a fresh feel. We know that these areas in the house often tend to get overlooked, especially from a decor perspective, so why not try something new and easy to change that?

Get various bonsai plants, we recommend buying these artificial bonsai plants wholesale or in bulk, to decorate your outdoor space. Here you can play around with different sizes and shapes to fit the feel of the decor. Multi-tiered and taller bonsais can really liven up a dull corner on the balcony.

How to Style Around Faux Bonsai Plants?

Of course, once you do get bonsais to decorate your house, the question arises - what about the rest of it? How to make your other design elements come together coherently with your plant collection? 

Keep these points in mind, and you’ll never go wrong:

  • Keep It Classy.

Don’t overdo the color palette, wallpaper, lighting, furniture etc. else they overbear on the simple elegance of your bonsai plants. 

  • Minimalism Is Key.

Bonsais signify great beauty in simplicity and literally embody the philosophy of less is more. So keep the rest of your decor similarly simple, elegant and minimalist. Pick soft pastel shades so go with the natural green shades, and warm lighting to create a soothing ambience.

  • Play with Texture.

Bonsai plants have a lovely range of styles and textures for you to choose from - right from soft willows, bright cherry blossoms to tall bamboo shoots, and stately oaks. Experiment with the rich variety of textures that you can incorporate with these plants.

Shape Matters - How to Pick the Right Bonsai Shape?

Bonsai Decor Tricks

Know these common bonsai shapes to pick the best artificial planter for your home.

  • Upright - These are wired to grow straight upwards with thick trunks and dense foliage. They are ideal as centerpieces and table decoration.
  • Windswept - As the name suggests, they grow bent towards one side, as if blown over by a strong gust of wind. This style of artificial bonsai will add a ton of character and drama to your decor.
  • Cascade - Even more dramatic are cascade bonsais, which are grown to descend downwards from an elevation. They look as if they defy gravity - and we are sure that your guests’ jaws will drop to the floor, much like the cascading foliage.
  • Forest - This is an adorable style of bonsai that grows a full miniature forest in a single pot. You can have either different types of trees or the same kind to make the forest. We think it works best with tall, thin-stemmed varieties.

To Sum Up

Faux bonsai plants are the next big thing in interior design and home decor, and they are here to stay. 

Get on to the wave, and give your home that makeover you always dreamt of.