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5 Ways to Create a Stylish, Productive Home Office

Stylish and Productive Home Office
The workplace is getting more mobile, more flexible with the advent of technology. Since all you need is a laptop and an internet connection, an increasing number of people are working from home. While this has its own perks, from saving commute hassle and time to taking care of chores, working from home also means loads of distraction. Thus, you need to create a space which is not only productive and distraction-free but also a stylish one which inspires you.

Designing a corporate workplace involves so much planning and time, but there is really no rule or guide on how to create a stylish and productive home office. This means that you can try a variety of tips to create one which caters to your specific needs, creativity, and design style. Now, each person has his/her own way of operating and personal style, but below we have listed down a few tried and tested ways on setting up an energizing, engaging home office which will motivate you and where things get done. 

Stylish furniture

Office Desk

This is the most important aspect of your home office. Get it right, and you'll have an organized, functional workspace. Start from your desk and chair. Now that you don't have to bear with those ugly office chairs and desk, you can go for stylish, modern options. Modern floral or textured chairs that are attractive as well as comfortable and bright desk will go a long way towards making your space appealing. And if that's not your cup of tea, then opt for a vintage desk and a mid-century chair for a different vibe from the rest of your room. The same goes for storage options. A little creativity will help you store your files and papers, yet give your space a chic look.

Adding greenery

Artificial Plants

Yes, your boss is not around to keep noticing when you're in and out and all those two-hour lunches, but that doesn't mean you have lots of time on your hand. Keeping plants alive is still difficult. We recommend bringing in some artificial plants and trees to add color and interest to the setting. Small, compact silk plants can find their place on the desk, whereas you can always add larger plants in the empty corner for some fun and intrigue. From faux succulents to cactus, artificial palm to ferns and philodendrons, there are so many options available that will enhance the look and feel of your space in an instant without any fuss.

Flowers for the desk

Silk Flowers

Just like plants, it is recommended to bring in some simple yet attractive faux flower arrangement to inject some vibrancy in the space and make it brighter, better. It's a practical, hassle-free, budget-friendly option to add charm to your desk and home office. You can either go for your favorite flower in your favorite colors or you can opt for an elaborate, eye-catching artificial flower centerpiece that will make a statement. From artificial Rose arrangements to faux Tulip centerpieces, silk Orchid arrangements to fake Sunflower centerpieces, you will find numerous flowers that will bring an uplifting feel to your home office in no time.

Room with a view

By view, we don't mean a gorgeous skyline of the shimmering ocean in the distance, but if possible, set up your home office in a room with a window. Big windows can help blur the lines between the outside and in and will freshen you up from time to time. Just find yourself space where you can lift your head for a moment or two and see nature or something which cheers you up for some time.

Interesting textures and inspiring details

Sometimes it is the little flourishes and details that make a big impact. Frame your favorite quote or stack your favorite inspirational books and display them at places where you can see them. This will motivate you and add to the décor. A simple way to make your space more personal is to frame your favorite family/friend portrait and add it to your space. Yet another way to make your home office interesting is by mixing textures. A timeless linen lampshade, hemp grasscloth, faux fur rugs, textured throw pillows are all great when it comes to introducing different textures to the setting. It brings richness and a timeless appeal to the décor.

Whether you work from occasionally or regularly, these tips will help you set up an ideal home office that will inspire your creativity and drive. Even if you decide not to follow any or all of them, just remember to get the environment, color, and patterns of the room right. If you get this right, then you have space where you can think and focus and ultimately check out the tasks in your to-do list. No matter what your work style is, these tips for setting up a home office will help you create the best place.