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Explained! Creating Office Decors That Look Like Home

Explained! Creating Office Decors That Look Like Home

When starting a business, it is of utmost importance that you have the right place to concentrate and focus on. Just showing up for work on a daily basis does not necessarily ensure an individual’s productivity. Feeling contented and at ease at the place of work are the things that matter the most just as much as having the correct equipment to get the job completed. Well-known companies are investing a lot in the contentment and the work environment of their employees, and you should also do the same if you’re working from home or if you just have a home office for informal, everyday tasks. Office design and décor can have a big influence on your business as it affects the productivity, morale, and health of the employees’. Some of the few guidelines on how to create an office décor that resembles a home are mentioned below:

Include Warm Colors into Space

Keep in mind that colors have a psychological effect on people. For instance; blue is the color of serenity and knowledge, yellow is a color that nurtures imagination, green signifies the color of money and earth, red is the color of romance and love, orange is a calming and warm color, purple is a striking color which represents dignity and prosperity while white represents cleanliness, virtuousness, and impartiality. Thus, you can select any color as per what energy you want your office to have. You can choose earthy tones if you want to get a calming and warm ambiance. In the case of a small office, it is usually good to stay away from several colors as it can make space seem even smaller and quite messy. Think about including a white ceiling and walls as well as one or two accent colors combined with simple decorations and furniture.

Place Plants, Trees, and Flowers Around

Having plants and trees around the office will help lower blood pressure, decrease stress, humidity and noise level and in addition increase positive feelings. Plants also remove bacteria and mold in the air, keeping employees in good health. In addition, studies proved that artificial trees around the office boost the productivity levels of the employees as well. Viewing countryside scenes such as trees or silk tulips can reduce pressure, irritation, and tiredness while increasing levels of energy, happiness, and cognitive function. You can also try incorporating silk topiary trees or bonsai tree on the desk of the employees. In addition to this, you can also hang some fake orchids around the office space as this will give an attractive look to the area. All these things can give a balanced look to the office which is comfortable, ergonomic, clean, and practical.

Place Furniture Pieces in the Office Space That Give Maximum Comfort to the Employees

Furniture is a very significant part of office design. Offices should invest in ergonomic chairs in which the employees can sit straight and stretch. In addition, they should have large desks with different sections such as shelves or drawers allowing them for a simpler organization. Investing in poorly built furniture pieces cab often decrease the productivity of employees to a great extent. Remember that quality office furniture should amalgamate technology and endorse effectiveness.

Include Some Kind of Storage into the Room

A lot of the office decor ideas that you perhaps have in mind most likely include some type of storage for all the things that have to be kept in the room. Combination of shelves on top or open shelves and closed cabinets at the bottom typically works out great in office no matter what the mode is. To store something such as computer components or expensive electronics, it may be beneficial to find a storage system that consists of a locking feature. On the other hand, when storing office or cleaning supplies, a standard cabinet door will do. As office design aesthetic is becoming increasingly important, it is important to consider the pieces of desk or furniture that already is present in your office and possibly research options that correspond in color or material.

Design the Common Areas of the Office Attractively

Common areas such as meeting rooms, pantry, and relaxation rooms are required for employees. Keep in mind that people are spending at least eight to nine hours of their day in the office, so it is good to have areas for people to gather and have some break. These areas should be designed in such a manner that it includes fun element and give a stress-free look to the employees. As these are the places where the employees can relax and unwind, you can add colors like red, orange, yellow, etc. and also place some faux indoor plants at the corner as this will give a lively look to space.

Focus on the Lighting

Natural light within the workplace offers many benefits. It has been proved that employees who are exposed to a lot of natural lighting are more likely to feel at ease in their environment and consider their environment to be inspiring. If you cannot add more windows within the office space, you can think of using natural light bulbs as well as open doors and windows to allow natural light to enter inside. Keep in mind that poor lighting can be annoying and stressful no matter what room you may be in, it can be particularly problematic in an office or any business setting. In fact, as per a recent survey, it has been found that bad lighting is one of the most popular complaints from office employees across the globe.

Allow Your Employees to Get Their Personal Items

There is no way that you can substitute for personal items for instance photographs. These photographs when placed on the desk can make the employees feel at home in the office. Thus, allow them to keep pictures of their family and friends on their desks.


By following these simple tips, you can make your office look like the home. A home like feeling at the office will increase employee productivity in the office and will guarantee that your workers are contented and motivated when at work.