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8 Boho Home Decor Inspirations and Seed Ideas

8 Boho Home Decor Inspirations and Seed Ideas

First of all, let’s address the question on everyone’s mind. What exactly is Boho? Contrary to popular belief, it's not just a mix-and-match jumble of clutter.

The Boho aesthetic stresses on the use of unique and somewhat unconventional decor items. Yes, the items are not meant to match. And that’s the beauty of it.

Despite the items not matching in terms of color or style, Boho decor manages to capture the attention of viewers. 

If you are looking for Boho home decor inspirations, then you have come to the right place. Take a look at some ideas and inspirations below. You are sure to find the right look and feel for you:

What Sort Of Decor Will Create The Right Boho Vibe?

1. For The Right Approach Start With Boho Colors

There is no hard and fast rule about using only the Boho color palette for decorating your space. However, if you start with these colors, you will find more options to choose from. And when you start a project right, you will end it right as well.

Boho colors include earthy and neutral tones that are considered warm combined with cooler colors like gray, blue, green and white. An occasional red or yellow will only bring out the best of the decor. So don’t forget that color pop.

Seed Idea: Opt for a yellow and brown striped wallpaper. Add cane furniture, some brown and white cushions. Bring it all together with a cream rug! For that pop of color, add a red or aqua wall painting.

2. Add Some Floral Prints 

Floral prints are essentially Boho. Floral motifs on furniture or art prints are very popular these days. If you have a statement wall, a floral wallpaper will look right at home here.

Seed Idea: How about adding some floral curtains? Preferably a light shade. Not only will it bring a touch of Boho in the room, but also make the space seem bigger than it is. 

Curtain tie-backs in interesting shapes or material, and in bright colors, can cut through any monochrome effects you might be dreading.

3. Make Way For Lots of Greenery

For modern boho home decor, greenery is a must. 

Real or faux, a few plants will make a major difference to any place. Faux plants these days are as realistic looking as the real ones. And come with promises of less maintenance.

Seed Idea: Add a tall artificial pine in a mahogany planter behind the couch. A white planter will be a great contrast for the brilliant green of the foliage. 

Match it up with a maroon Moroccan rug. Bring your bohemian living room together with some glass vases full of silk flowers, diagonally opposite from the planter.

4. Use A Few Mismatched Prints

A common misconception is that Boho decor means using plenty of mismatched prints. But that couldn’t be farther than the truth.

A few mismatched prints in terms of cushions, rugs, throws and covers are quite alright. But an entire room of mismatched wallpaper is not Boho. Keep it small when using such decor.

Seed Idea: A neutral sofa with the backdrop of a colorful tapestry. The cushions on the sofa can mimic the colors on the tapestry. 

5. Use A Variety Of Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are perfect for creating depth and texture in a room. Not only do they seem inviting, but they also eliminate the need for a lot of decor items in a room. In short, they make a room look full.

A floor seating plan, whether on palettes or futons, can be made immeasurably better with the addition of a few throw pillows.

Seed Idea: Mix and match fringed and tasseled pillows in a rectangular shape with fluffy round cushions. You can opt for an ombre effect with different shades of the same color.

6. Abstract Art For Livening Up Those Walls

Abstract art on your walls is the perfect Boho touch. Not only are they a statement piece that is sure to raise eyebrows, but they also create a focal point for the room. Matte finish art is very in trend these days.

Seed Idea: Look for abstract paintings of things in nature. Opt from large prints of trees, closeups of faces, colorful lanterns from abstract angles and animal prints 

7. Rug It Up

Rugs can play a major role in completing the look of any space. You can layer your rugs with throws and carpets of different sizes and materials. Or opt for a shaggy rug in a color that complements the wall art or the curtains.

Seed Idea: Opt for natural material like jute or cotton. A rectangular shape or oval works best for rooms of all sizes. Choose neutral colors if the room already has a lot of color elements. 

Or go for a combination of a bright color like blue and a warm color like auburn.

8. Vintage Items Can Complete The Look

Vintage items or lookalikes are sure to create the perfect Boho vibe. They can also serve as the quintessential conversation piece that a Boho space shouts out for.

Seed Idea: Raid your attic and find some of your granny’s wall decor. Or lamps. Or POP figurines. Maybe you will find an old gramophone or record player that you can get restored.

For a home that looks inviting and full of life, Boho decor is the perfect solution. Let go of your inhibitions and modern sensibilities. You will see how modern Boho home decor can make your house a place of beauty and wonder.

Think conversation pieces like metal sculptures, outlandish lamps, statement furniture, huge trees in planters and multi-light chandeliers.

But, also think macrame pot holders, plenty of personalized photographs, plush floor seating, bright cushions and a standalone hammock swing in the corner.

That’s right! Boho is not just a decor idea. It is a way for you to let your inner creativity out. Whatever you like, goes…