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10 Spring Home Decor Ideas

10 Spring Home Decor Ideas

Although spring cleaning may be the first thing that ‘springs’ to mind when you think of the season, where is the pleasure in that? 

Instead, start fantasizing about how you'll revamp your home or office space, especially because you're spending more time there than ever before.

Now is the time to start planning your spring decorations (along with warmer weather, longer days, and allergic reactions to dust, surely). 

Here are ten low-effort, high-reward spring decorating ideas and samples to help you freshen up your own space in anticipation of winter's impending departure.

Take a Claritin and bring these elegant spring decorating ideas and styling advice home this season, with pastel colors, floral accents, and new patterns.

Whether you wish to just add some spring touches to a few places around your house or if you're in the mood to do some major DIY projects, we've got you covered. 

Bundled Flowers

For a spectacular display, separate a bundle of bright tulips into individual buds or vintage milk glass vases.

Tulips that have been artificially created have otherworldly properties and are perfect decorations to add intrigue to any situation. Adding silk white Tulips (or hyacinths, snow-drops etc) is the ideal way to instantly add appeal to a monotonous, plain area. It will upgrade the look and feel of your place for years to come.

With gorgeous faux flowers on display, even a home office will exude springtime cheer. One other perfect example is the addition of a burst of hydrangeas in a modern workplace. Simply choose a color from your wall art to inspire your floral arrangement.

The vibrant color of simple faux orchids too can completely transform the atmosphere of your living area.

Rainbow-Coloured Glassware

Clear furniture, like mirrors, creates a sense of more space. To exhibit candy-colored stem glasses, go to an antique store (or your grandmother's attic). Arrange them according to color, height, or any other aesthetic criteria and you're set.

Introduce Pampas Grass

We've seen pampas grass everywhere, from hidden stores to influencer Instagram accounts and the homes of decor designers.

It has that classic California-cool air while also fitting in with a modern, neutral color scheme, making it ideal for spring décor. Even better, because it's a dried floral, it lasts indefinitely, with almost no care (except tidying up the surrounding area if it sheds).

A vase of pampas grass on a side table or a shelf in your living room will give your space a gentle spring feel. If you prefer to go for a more bright look, it comes in cream and tan hues as well as pinks, blues, and other colors.

Floral Wallpaper

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is a quick and easy way to transform a plain wall into an eye-catching accent piece. Consider it a stylish upgrade from Grandma's flower-draped walls.

To make a botanical statement, you can also layer empty seed packets or floral-filled book pages along a blank wall. 

A bright Tulip wallpaper and a metallic tile lend warmth and shine to a large kitchen. It's really enjoyable in the kitchen.

Installing Indoor Plants

Plants and flowers – remember, fresh is ideal — can be scattered throughout your kitchen to bring Mother Nature home. Simply keep them near the sink to remind you to water them.

Place a basic bunch of flowers in a vase constructed of sticks and rope to give it a farmhouse feel. For added emphasis, you can serve it on a wooden serving plate.

Hanging shelves of the same hue and adorning with imitation plants in color-coordinated planters will instantly transform any barren wall.

Play With Pastel Hues

Dark, winter-appropriate decorations should be replaced with Easter-ready pastels. While colors like robin's egg blue, gentle pink, and lemon yellow are associated with spring, they're also excellent for the summer. 

The master bedroom's pastel colors provide a calm retreat in a house full of powerful rooms in Illinois. Swirling lavender pastel adds a romantic and a tad theatrical look to your kitchen.  

A custom-colored mint lacquer applied to the living room of a farmhouse gives it a sleek and new look.

Addition Of A Colorful Carpet

To bring a feeling of nature into a New York living room, you can casually throw in a colorful hand-knit carpet that complements the mint-colored walls. 

Colors, patterns, and playful textures are all used in the boho-inspired design, which is perfect for the spring season. Consider starting with multi-colored carpeting and accenting it with chairs in a complementary color. 

Replace With Linen Bedding

Replace your cotton bedding with linens as the weather warms up. If you go with a bright but neutral color like burnt orange pillowcases, blankets, vases, and catchall trays, you'll get bonus points.

Lavender is ideal to use throughout a condo, including the bespoke headboard and perhaps a hummingbird wallpaper in the main bedroom.

You can also mix coral-colored textured throws with patterned pillows for added depth and color.

Create A Vertical Garden

A thriving plant wall may be found just outside the kitchen. If you only have open vertical space, it's the ideal option to bring plants within or build a garden. Grow herbs and fresh produce to use in the kitchen.

Make(DIY) a succulent wall inside or out if you're up for it. Use colored pots to make them stand out against the wall.

Installing Artworks

Have you been wanting to create a gallery wall all year? No matter what kind of area you're dealing with, today is the day to finally finish it. Do not let the fact that much of the wall space is occupied stop you from hanging art—you just have to reach a little higher.

The framed artwork adds a more sophisticated touch to your bathroom and draws attention upward. If you have an artwork similar to a large-scale painting that uses a variety of hues, giving any space a lot of adaptability and flexibility – removing a seasonal hue from it and replacing it with a corresponding throw pillow is an inexpensive spring upgrade.

Stand pleased and say goodbye to your winter decorations and hello to these lovely ones. They'll make you feel good and cathartic.