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7 Winter Decorating (Non-Christmas) Ideas

7 Winter Decorating (Non-Christmas) Ideas

When we talk about winter decoration, most people relate it with holiday decoration. Winter decoration is all about post-holiday decoration. The days become shorter, the light fades, sparkling Christmas lights are out, the greenery and the overall festive fun has gone, something goes amiss from our homes. That’s when the winter charm takes over and a perfect opportunity to add some cozy appeal and loads of cheer to our place. Below are a few non-Christmas, winter decorating ideas for home that will bring plenty of style and warmth to your setting. 

Winter Centerpiece

One of the most inexpensive winter decorating ideas is by bringing home bare branches, twigs, feathers etc., and displaying them in style. The next time you’re out for a nature walk, keep an eye out on feathers, branches, twigs, pinecones and more, bring them home and tuck them into a glass container or vase for a simple yet poetic centerpiece. 

Winter Decorations

There are decorations which add an instant touch of winter to any setting. From candles to snowflake ornaments, miniature potter firs to pinecone garlands or other decorations, you can create a simple, minimal and stunning space without spending much. 

Winter Garlands and Wreaths

We’re not talking about your regular garlands and wreaths here. We’re talking about mitten garland and scarf wreath. To create a mitten garland, simply clip multiple colorful mittens to a clothesline. It is simple yet extremely interesting. 

To create a scarf wreath, wrap a foam wreath form with a knitted scarf. Use straight pins to hold the ends in place. Attach mittens and top it with a yarn bow. Scarf wreaths look incredibly cute and cozy. You can also create a yarn wreath. 

Winter Lighting

It’s really important to keep your home feel bright and inviting in winters. Lighting will help since we receive fewer hours of daylight. Use floor lamps to illuminate dull and dark corner, introduce small light fixtures on end tables or mantle or even shelves. You could also consider installing wall sconces for a more permanent lighting fixture. 


Winters can be absolutely dull and dreary. And one way of bringing in some sparkle and casting more light throughout the room is by introducing some mirrors in the space. A great way to make your room appear larger and brighter, mirrors can add great appeal to the décor. A large mirror can add interest and drama to your mantel

Greenery and Color

You can never go wrong by adding some greenery and floral arrangement to your space. Especially in winters where everything appears dark, greenery and flower centerpieces bring a much-needed flair and color to the setting. Easy, effective and elegant, you could opt for artificial greenery and faux flower arrangements without worrying about maintenance. 

Winter Fabrics

Introducing a different fabric in your décor is a great way of changing the seasonal mood of the décor. Swap the airy linens and cottons for durable and insulating wool for home furnishings. From wool felt lampshades to wool plaid upholstery to wool window treatments, there are tons of super stylish options available that will bring great character to your space.