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The Best Forecast for 2022 Interior Design Trends

The Best Forecast for 2022 Interior Design Trends

Like each new year, 2022 brings a new dawn and another chance for a better, brighter future. It brings more opportunities for colors, materials, and fresh ideas when it comes to interior design. However, it also seems the past two years have been heavy with uncertainty in a way we’ve never known before. As we sleepwalk into the never-ending ‘new normal’ it seems that the interior design world is ditching major trends. It is clinging to warmth, comfort and familiarity. Just like the previous two years, the interior design trends for 2022 will be based on hope, assurance and serenity. 

Our experts have scouted fairs and designers all over the world and have made the following forecast for 2022 interior design trends. 

Biophilic Designs

As we’re spending more time indoors now than ever, biophilic designs will see a widespread adoption in our homes. A biophilic design articulates the relationship between humans and nature and reconnects us with nature in the built environment. A biophilic interior space is known to reduce stress, improve cognitive function, creativity and well-being, and helps in healing faster. Integrating the direct experience of nature and indirect experience to create a crucial sense of space and place.

Natural Color Schemes

Continuing the theme of nature, 2022 will see adoption of natural color schemes or “landscape palette” in homes. From calming greens and blues to warm, earthy tones, we will see the introduction of natural colors in home décor to bring positivity and a sense of reassurance. Natural color schemes are associated with reduced stress, lower blood pressure, increased productivity and happiness which will be vital as we continue fighting the pandemic. 

Closed Spaces

Open floor plans were everywhere before the pandemic. 2022 will see a shift from open office plans to more closed, private spaces that have a degree of flexibility. The pandemic and “work from home” offices have normalized the practice of being together, but alone through the work week, and has changed expectations of personal space and personal time.


This is one of the few trends that remain intact year after year. Every year people make resolutions to keep their home aesthetics minimal, in order to reduce stress and stimulation. For home décor, opt for one or two materials of furniture and limit the use of decorative accents. Remove excess clutter, and instead create visual appeal through the use of textures. 

Less Homogenization and More ‘You’

Over the years, more and more homes have been dominated by Ikea and other big-box retail products. This year we will see less homogenization and more people pushing against big-box retailers, instead moving towards independent retailers creating custom products. People will seek home décor accents that are expressive of their style and which help them live their genuine lives.