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Minimalist Home Décor Trends 2022

Minimalist Home Décor Trends 2022

Every year brings with itself new trends, new hopes and new style. But minimalist home décor is one trend that will never go out of style. A relatively newer design movement that came into its own in the late 1960s and early 1970s, minimalism is about prioritizing and expressing only the essential and practicing restraint. A minimalist home design is stripped to its core function, free from excess to achieve elegance. Below are a few minimalist home décor trends for 2022 that will serve you good for years to come. 

Minimalist Living Room Décor Trends

Neutral Colors

The foundation of any minimalist living room design is using a neutral color palette. Whites, creams and pastel colors will help you create a gorgeous living room which is well-lit and comfy. To keep it from feeling boring and cold, bring in pops of color in the form of greenery, throw pillows and more. 

Fewer, Luxurious Accents

You don’t need to over accessorize your living room to make it interesting. Staying true to minimalist living room, you can make a striking statement with luxurious accents and materials. Natural wood and wicker accents, marble coffee table, a bright colored chair or leather pouf and a colored rug will bring interest and appeal to your space. 

Empty Spaces

An important aspect of a minimalist living room, do not hesitate to leave some space empty and letting it interact with the objects and defining the look. Focus on a few things and bring in a focal point (an artificial tree, marble coffee table, sectional sofa etc.,).

Minimalist Bedroom Décor Trends

Platform Bed

The hallmark of a minimalist bedroom is the absence of elaborate canopies and other extravagant styled beds in favor of a sleek platform bed. Complement it with just a couple of textured toss pillows and bed pillows. 

Unadorned Walls

In a minimalist bedroom, you don’t need to cover all the walls with accessories, pictures, posters etc. Bare walls are encouraged to keep the overall look clean and fuss-free. You can put up photos or artworks on one of the walls. 


A minimalist bedroom prides itself on clean, sleek lines. Bring in furniture without ornamental carvings, trims and other details. A minimalist bedroom furniture should have straight lines and an open, airy feel.

Minimalist Kitchen Décor Trends

Natural Texture and Material

In 2022, we will see a major focus on natural materials as part of biophilic design and for timelessness. A white kitchen with natural materials and simple pops of color will bring in a much need calm and elegance to the kitchen. 

All-White Kitchen

This is one of the trends that will only gain more prominence in the coming years. A white-kitchen with flat front cabinets, hidden appliances and kitchen gadgets is a thing of beauty.