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Color Trends, and Color of the Year 2022 - A Guide

Color Trends, and Color of the Year 2022

Colors are an integral part of life. They have been used since times immemorial for depicting harmony between humans and the Earth. The use of colors for ensuring mental well-being, especially in these trying times, is what’s trending in 2022.

As far as interior decor is concerned, the 2022 color trends lean towards stability, comfort and calming colors. The pandemic has forced people into their homes. And people are looking towards colors and decor that will provide them with comfort and happiness.

In home interiors, you will see a lot of pastels. But none of those boring old monochromes. Rather, backdrops of pastels with a burst of color are in trend this year. The burst of color draws the eye in. The pastel backdrop soothes.

If you are looking to get trendy with your home design and colors, remember to find out what is the color of the year. Maybe it will be the perfect shade for your space.

But What Is The Color For 2022?

Pantone, a globally acknowledged authority on colors, declared Very Peri as the color of the year 2022. It’s their take on a periwinkle blue, with undertones of red. If you haven’t seen it yet, think of it as a soothing lavender shade. 

According to pantone color trends, gentle shades such as Very Peri are here to stay. Such colors are the perfect neutral background for bringing out the other flashier elements of a design.

Colors Of Your Home

With a change in color trends, comes accompanying changes in the interior decor. If you change the color of your walls, chances are you will be looking to match the upholstery and furniture with it.

For a breezy feel, go with floral pastels. Shades of green are also very popular this year. Dark, smooth tones of dark for a statement wall is also a major decor trend in 2022. 

Another trend touted to be “the” trend to watch out for is the combining of bright colors and earth tones. Terracotta and a deep, clean pink are a great combination. A splash of gold, and your statement is ready to WOW your guests.

Matching Your Decor with Color Trends

The color of your home needs to match everything else in your home. From curtains to furniture, the theme should be consistent throughout the entire house. That is the mark of a true artist. And what are you, if not the artist, of your own home decor?

Depending upon your home color, you can opt for real or faux flowers and plants. Real plants are lovely, but they do need care. If you do not have a green thumb, how about going for faux flowers.

Silk flowers these days look absolutely real. They will leave you stunned. Even on closer inspection. From replicating the tiniest details of real flowers to getting the colors right, these flowers are completely enchanting.

They are also used for bridal bouquets and wedding decorations. That’s how real they look.

Some perks of using these flowers and plants is that they don’t need regular maintenance. They don’t need their water changed. And they last for years. Spray them with your favorite scent for customizing your decor.

Trends come and go, but it seems that the artificial flower trend is here to stay.

Another major color trend 2022 is minimalism. Less is more. Clean spaces, sharp corners complemented by sharp edges. And a vivid burst of color in the form of flowers and plants. That's it. 

The best part about minimalist decor is that you can change it easily. Remove a few items, add a few others, change a couple of colors and you can have a complete makeover of your home, office, patio or shop.

DIY Trends Are Here To Stay

In order for people to be in their element, a lot of DIY trends are being predicted for this year. Apart from letting people utilize their free time creatively, DIY projects also help people design a space that they are comfortable in. In short, your space, your design.

Some of the DIY trends for 2022 are likely to include wallpaper projects, wall painting, crochet decor items, flower arrangement and art, embroidered wall pieces, etc.

A Few Seed Ideas For Your Corner

You are liable to draw more attention to a crafty corner that has a mix and match of items. Add some silk flowers in tall vases, a few candles, a couple of frames, maybe a colorful throw pillow. A pastel background would do wonders. Especially with jewel undertones. Et Voila, you have a winner on your hands.

You could also get a moody black for your entryway. Put up a gold mirror or other gold accents. Add some silk violets in a tall beige vase. If there is a chest near the entryway, you would not be able to resist adding a brass bowl for tossing your keys in.

Or how about changing the look of your bathroom? Muted blues and limes are in this year. Add a low white pot of silk hydrangea near the sink. You can put a wicker laundry basket adjacent to the sink. 

Incorporate a muted gray bath mat, a frosted white or blue shower curtain, and some bright lights. Who knows, you might end up spending way more time in the bathroom that you do in the living room?

Kitchens are brighter this year, with lots of green plants. You can choose from real and faux plants and flowers. Window sills and corners of kitchens are crying out for a splash of green. Warm yellows and mellow teals are great. So is a combination of peach and dark green. Very in-trend this year.

So what are you waiting for? Armed with the tips above, you can now get set to decorate your space the way you like it. And yet incorporate elements of 2022 color trends and decors trends.