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How to Revamp Your Garden for Spring

How to Revamp Your Garden for Spring

Sunnier days are around the corner. Which means it’s about time to get your garden back in shape. 

Don’t worry, we’ve got some spring garden ideas you’re sure to like.

However, before you read ahead, we recommend you conduct a spring inspection. Head out to your garden and observe what happened while you were indoors during the winter season. 

Take note of ice or snow damage on plants, beds that should be cleaned out, any destruction to hardscaping elements, and evidence of animal burrows from chipmunks, rabbits, moles, and the like.

Spring Garden Ideas

There are three phases of the spring season: early, mid, and late. Early spring tends to be chilly, so you can look for tough early bloomers. Whereas in mid to late spring, you will find peonies, lilacs and some other blooming plants in abundance. 

However, an excellent spring garden is more than a few pretty plants growing around you. It’s about design and maintenance as well. While redoing your garden design, you need to keep in mind the garden’s location, soil, lighting, boundaries, and more. 

Check out these spring garden ideas below.

Clean Up Flower Beds

The winter storms may have caused dead leaves and debris to collect over the soil. Clear them away to make room for fresh flowers and plants. Additionally, get rid of winter mulch from around the grass and perennials. Do remember to wear gardening gloves to prevent your hands from getting cut.

When redoing your flower bed, plan for the garden’s most vital points first. This means you would need to first plan for larger trees and plants, and then make room for your hedges. Last come the decorative flowers and shrubs.

This book of safe gardening practices and their science could help you revamp your garden in the way you like.

Start Potting Up Plants

Looking for more spring garden inspiration? Well, the best way to add some spring cheer is by potting up plants. You can pick a color theme for all your foliage too. Make sure you include a mix of big blooms, lush foliage and delicate flowers to make your garden look extra beautiful.

If looking after live plants seems challenging, choose from our wide range of faux plants instead. We’ve got pansy bushes in various colors, lifelike daffodil flowers, and more. Artificial plants are better because they:

  • Aren’t needy
  • Aren’t dependent on sunlight
  • Are durable
  • Don’t cause leaf shedding
  • Aren’t toxic to you or your pets
  • Are economical in the long run
  • Look just as fresh as the real thing
  • Come in so many sizes and styles for you to choose from.

Prune Shrubs and Trees

Spring backyard ideas are incomplete without pruning! Now is the right time to prune the trees you couldn’t prune in the winter months. Try to do it before the buds break into bloom or else you might only get a tiny crop or maybe none.

For better pruning, make sure you do the following:

Use the Right Tool:

Bypass secateurs is the preferred tool over anvil types. This is because they can make clean cuts that don’t get infected. For thicker branches, you could use a pruning saw.

Take Care of Your Pruning Tools:

Clean your loppers and secateurs regularly. Make sure you wipe them free of debris, and later even oil them to prevent rusting. You can even spray with a disinfectant to avoid diseases from getting transmitted.

Cut at the Correct Distance:

Don’t cut too far above the bud, and not too close either. We recommend you cut above the bud at a distance of maybe a quarter of the thickness of the stem.

Prune Weak Stems Harder:

Make sure your plant growth is even by cutting the weak stems shorter than the thick ones. If you observe that weak shoots have grown from the base, cut them off completely for strong new growth.

Unclear about how to prune trees? There are various pruning approaches that could help you have a more well-maintained garden.

Don’t want to deal with the hassles of pruning? Consider installing our artificial foliage like the Iris, Lenten Rose, and Glory of the Snow.

Maintain Your Hardscapes

Are there frost heaves on your stonework? What’s the condition of your patio and deck? Check for these things and look after the basic maintenance of your hardscaping. Also clean all your outdoor furniture so you can rest easy after a busy day in your garden.

These hardscape maintenance tips might help you:

Regularly Clean Your Stone:

Brooming every day can keep loose debris off your stone/hardscape. Follow your brooming session with some watering (with your garden hose). If you leave mud and dead grass on your stones for several weeks, they can leave ugly stains. However, you can get rid of those stains with a scrub, or with the help of some pressure washing.

Check Your Drainage:

Make sure you have a strong water management process in place before you install your stones. You’ll need channels that can direct water off your stones and into the drainage area. If you’ve got a good drainage system, you can also help provide water to the greenery in your garden.

Weed Removal:

Getting rid of weeds on a regular basis will not only make your patio look great, but also prevent cracks from forming on your hardscape. There are different methods to control your weeds such as cutting and mowing, weed pulling, and more.

Clean Bird Feeders

This marks the last of our spring garden decorating ideas. 

If you intend to leave your bird feeders all-year-round, now would be the time to take them down, wash them, and fill them with nectar or fresh seed for the spring.

How do you clean your bird feeders? Take them apart and wash them either by hand with boiling water and soap or with a dishwasher on the hot setting. You can even use diluted bleach solution, rinse thoroughly, and leave them to dry. In addition to cleaning the bird feeders, clean the ground beneath those feeders too. There might be spoiled or moldy food on the ground which can make the birds sick. Also, unwanted food on the ground can attract rodents.

These guidelines to keep bird feeders clean will tell you all you need to know about keeping backyard birds safe.

We hope you liked these spring garden ideas. Don’t forget to make your purchase from our awesome collection of lifelike faux plants.