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5 New Year's Resolutions for Your Home

5 New Year's Resolutions for Your Home

New year, new start. Whether you’ve fulfilled your last year’s resolutions or abandoned them after a few days doesn’t matter - the new year means a clean slate and an optimistic outlook. People make resolutions about how they will change their lives, but what about changing the space where they spend most of the year – their home? Why not make some new year’s resolutions for your home and improve your daily life? Below are a few new year’s resolutions which will help you set goals for your interior design and help you create a space that is a constant source of comfort and happiness.

Identify Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

By short-term resolutions we don’t mean that you need to have daily tasks, but weekly or monthly contributions to making your space better, while at the same time developing better habits. Short-term goals can be easy whereas long-term goals should feel more substantial.

Clear the Clutter

The easiest resolution to follow (and also one of the least expensive) is clearing the clutter. Almost everyone has loads of stuff they’ve accumulated throughout each year. The new year gives you an opportunity to purge and discard things that you no longer need. You could give away stuff to your loved ones or donate it to charity - clothes, shoes, and décor items are some of the things that are easy to decide to keep or toss.

Get Rid of Negativity

While the above point of purging is to get rid of the abundance you have, this point is about getting rid of stuff that brings you down. From décor that harbors unpleasant memories to an ugly wall color or furniture that you hate, there are a lot of things around us that can weigh us down. Make sure that you get rid of these things and surround yourself with positivity.

Safety Check

This is one of the most important new year’s resolutions you will make this year. Your home may be absolutely stunning - but is it safe? You need to do a safety check of your place and ensure that there is no potential health hazard or fire risk. By getting your home checked for harmful gases, deploying safety measures like smoke detectors and confirming all the appliances are working correctly, you can do a safety audit of your home and ensure that there are no loose ends.

Bring Some Flowers Home

Bringing home flowers is one of the easiest ways to make your space more cheerful. If you think that flowers are expensive, then you can opt for artificial flowers as well. A great way to give your home a delightful makeover, flowers will go a long way in boosting energy and make your space more exciting.