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How to Prepare for Guests at Home during the Festive Season

How to Prepare for Guests at Home during the Festive Season

The Holiday season is upon us, which means that before the guests arrive, we need to prepare our homes for eating, playing and celebrating together. No one can deny that Christmas time is full of fun and excitement, but the holidays can be equally stressful, especially if you are hosting friends and family. This can often be overwhelming and has the potential to cast a shadow on the holiday cheer, but by planning ahead, you can prepare your home for a stress-free Christmas. Here are a few tips to get your home ready for Holiday hosting. 

Clean the House No matter who is coming to your home for Christmas, the first step is to clean. It is the most obvious thing, yet the most important one which many people leave until the last minute. Start by decluttering and discarding the objects such as toys, games, office supplies and stationery, and other clutter. Do this for every room. Next, clean the rooms and pay extra attention to the ones where your guests will be sleeping. Get started early and use this time to get overdue repairs done. 

DecorationNow that your house is clean, you can put up the decorations. The basic rule for Christmas decoration is to focus on the common spaces first. Start with your front door and display a nice wreath that will welcome your guests with warmth. Next move to the living room by putting up a lighted garland, holiday-themed throw pillows, Christmas tree and some candles. Don’t forget to put holiday touches in the kitchen and individual rooms in the form of lights, holiday centerpieces and more. 

Food and SnacksYes, we know you have planned an elaborate Christmas dinner and other meals, but don’t forget to stock your pantry and refrigerator with extra snacks and goodies. Your guests might be hungry in between meals or late night, so it is always good to stock up the right food and beverages. Many guests will gather with you in the kitchen, so set up the drinks table away from where you’re working, so they can celebrate without getting in the way. 

Guest rooms - If your guests are staying overnight, then ensure that you clear out the space for their belongings. If you don’t have enough hangers, then order some beforehand and leave plenty of them in the closet so that they can hang their clothes after they arrive. Make sure to stock up on tea, coffee, sugar and some charcuterie snacks along with cups, saucers and spoons so they can help themselves. 

GiftsKnow who all are coming to your house and keep presents ready for them. The festive season is all about considering others and planning their gifts well in advance to avoid last minute runs to the mall. Almost everyone is buying gifts at this time, so you might see a lot of ‘Out of stock’ on popular items. Plan ahead, take your time, and try to enjoy this busy, lovely season!