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10 Christmas Decoration Ideas to Celebrate Your 2021 Holiday!

Christmas Decoration Ideas for 2021

Christmas starts when the decorations go up. Whether you’re looking to go all-in this year or considering just minimal decoration, below are a few Christmas decoration ideas to celebrate your 2021 holiday. From best Christmas wreaths to beautiful lights, best Christmas garlands to other small, inexpensive props, we have compiled a list of Christmas decoration essentials that will give you a delightfully festive space. 

Christmas Wreaths

No holiday decoration is complete without Christmas wreaths. From clean and minimal to glamorous and bold, there are Christmas wreaths available in the market for every style and budget. In fact, you can opt for artificial Christmas wreaths for your front door, mantel, indoor walls etc., and safely store them for use next year.

Christmas Garlands

Right up there with Christmas wreaths, Christmas garlands are must-haves for any festive decoration. From draping them along the banisters, on the tree, on the mantel, on the front door, or any other empty space, you can never go wrong with garlands. Just like wreaths, artificial Christmas garlands are excellent options that will bring a much-needed dose of color to your home season after season.

Jazzy Curtain Tiebacks

An easy way to bring some Christmas jazz to your home is through curtain tiebacks. There are retail options available, or you could create your own by threading ribbons through the loops and adding some bells and whistles to catch the eye.

Napkin Rings

Napkin rings offer a simple ad subtle way to add a finishing touch to your Christmas dinner table. These decorations will help you craft a memorable Christmas meal, and there are plenty of simple, whimsical or classy napkin ring options available that will impress all your guests.

String Lights

After the scary and mournful years of the pandemic, 2021 holiday season decoration should feature as many lights as possible. String lights are absolutely magical and make for a perfect backdrop to any party. Hang them anywhere you want and watch them put up a spectacular show.

Santa Claus Figurines

Santa Claus figurines are some of the cutest decorations that you can never get enough of. We’re sure every household has plenty of these adorable figurines and we recommend you display your entire collection on the mantel.

Floral Arrangements

Simple floral arrangements on the mantel, dining table, end table or entrance space makes for a highly cheerful and welcoming addition. You could opt for real varieties like poinsettias or faux flower centerpieces in Christmas colors, or you can go totally unique and bold and create a glittering artificial display for the season.