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Guide to Styling Fake Trees

Guide to Styling Fake Trees

Fake trees aren’t what you think they are - we cannot stress that enough. If you still think of the flimsy, dusty, saggy trees from the 80’s, it’s time to take another look. It’s likely that you have seen modern fake trees, but didn’t even notice they weren’t real. Modern artificial trees are no longer cardinal sins of interior design. In fact, designers and influencers recommend opting for fake trees for home décor as they look absolutely stunning, realistic and are maintenance-free which makes them perfect for busy households. But how do you display them for maximum curb appeal? Here’s a guide on styling fake trees in any interior design. 

Place Them Like Real Trees

One of the best things you could do to your artificial trees is to place them like you would place your real trees – in a bright, well-lit space. Displaying them in a dark corner of the room or in the basement with no natural light will obviously point out that they are fake. Place your fake trees in a space where real trees could grow naturally. This will help convince people that they are indeed real. 

Present Them Like Real Trees

Almost all fake trees come in the same black plastic containers. The first thing you can do when you bring home artificial trees is to re-pot them in a new, fancy container and fill it with real dirt. Also, ensure that you wipe the leaves and the entire tree regularly to keep them fresh and vibrant. This will give them a more ‘real’ appeal.

Mix and Match

As pointed out earlier, modern fake trees are indistinguishable from real ones but if you mix faux and real ones, you really can’t tell the difference. Faux trees mixed with real greenery not only add to the lushness of the room, but create a refreshing and picturesque display that feels completely natural.

Fake Trees as Soft Focal Points

Artificial trees make for fantastic focal points around the home. Tropical plants or short trees can be perched on an end table, or fake palm trees around 6 feet or taller can flank a sofa to visually improve the vertical composition of the room. 

Different Heights

To bring contrast to the room and to create an authentic scene, ensure that mix trees of different heights across the space. These kinds of strategies that follow the logic of nature will help create a more ‘realistic’ display overall.