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Achieving Serenity with Modern Contemporary Plants

Achieving Serenity with Modern Contemporary Plants

There are many ways to achieve serenity within your home and create a space to recharge, but the easiest method by far is to simply introduce plants. The calming aesthetic, the soothing colors, and the refreshing aura of plants cannot be overstated. Plants don’t just boost curb appeal, they also help in cleaning the air by removing toxins and consequently improving the air quality for breathing. Having plants around affects our mood positively, reduces stress and brings an uplifting energy to the space. Contemporary popular plants offer attractive aesthetics, increase productivity, and make your space Instagram-worthy.

Below are a few modern contemporary plants that will help you create a more serene environment.


An incredibly popular plant that is popping up in residential and office spaces, Calathea is regarded as one of the most beautiful tropical plants. Characterized by their bold markings and oblong leaves that come in a striking array of colors, these plants have eye-catching stripes and veining. Also known as zebra plant, peacock plant or rattlesnake plant, Calatheas are relatively easy to care for.

Fiddle Leaf Fig plant

A favorite plant of the millennial generation, if social media trends are anything to go by. In the last few years, you may have come across images on social media featuring this gorgeous tropical plant as its popularity soars each day. Featuring large, heavily veined, violin-shaped leaves growing upright on a sleek trunk, the Fiddle Leaf Fig plant makes a stunning architectural statement in any setting.

Spider Plant

A highly resilient houseplant that is extremely easy to maintain, Spider plants are easy to grow and make for an excellent addition to any modern space. With their solid green or variegated rosette of long, arched foliage, these plants are very much on-trend and seen practically everywhere. The best part is that Spider plants are known to remove carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, benzene, and xylene from the air and are a great choice for pet owners.


One of the trendiest plants out there, you can spot Monstera leaves on art prints, upholstery, fabric and more. Native to the Central American rainforest, Monstera plants have a beautiful tropical vibe and are a favorite of many interior designers. Also known as the Swiss cheese plant because of its perforated leaves, these plants have a leathery gloss and beautiful heart-shaped leaves that leave a lasting impression.

String of Pearls

One of the more unique houseplants, String of Pearls plants demand attention because of their unique tiny pea-shaped leaves. The leaves of this plant grow on trailing stems that gracefully spill over and make for a great hanging display. Vigorous growers, String of Pearls are highly refined and visually intriguing plants, making them perfect for any modern setting.