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Answered! Are Artificial Plants and Trees Better Than Real Ones for Exterior Landscaping?

Answered! Are Artificial Plants and Trees Better Than Real Ones for Exterior Landscaping?

If you are a nature enthusiast, choosing between real or artificial confuses you more than anything. To you, decoration feels incomplete without a minimal touch of nature. You sincerely believe that man is nature's child, and hence adding natural elements like flora and fauna in your surroundings can transform it into a paradise.

You must have noticed that the exterior of hospitals, restaurants, hotels, pubs, etc. are studded with natural elements like flowers, plants, and trees that fill them with life. Well, the chances are that many of the exotic and beautiful varieties you see there are faux versions of real plants! That's because these organizations don't want the hassle of watering, pruning, cleaning, and maintaining real plants. And we're sure you have similar thoughts and want to know more. This guide will help.

What Do You Think of When You Hear Exterior Landscaping?

Plants do a lot to regulate our health and happiness. More often people say that 'a beautiful surrounding is a healthy surrounding.' The environment we live in, if made aesthetically pleasing can improve the quality of life largely. Nature helps us to connect with our inner self. Bringing in green foliage is one of the best ways to achieve that. One that is pleasing to the eye also soothes the mind.

What to Keep in Mind Before Installing Artificial Plants?

Artificial foliage has a clear and distinct advantage over the natural ones. Once you have already made up your mind to go with artificial plants, the next step is to decide the design of your location. Artificial outdoor plants for the front door can be a brilliant choice for a restaurant, pub, etc. Artificial outdoor tropical plants can enhance the elegance of your landscapes.

Large artificial outdoor trees give an illusion of an extensive and appealing landscape. Outdoor topiary trees with lights can increase the quality of the area's ambiance to the next level. Also, you can add to it outdoor artificial flowers in hanging baskets to give the place an altogether new outlook.

What Kind of Care Do Real Plants Need?

Here are some points we're sure you'd agree with.

  • Every living being needs care and maintenance, and real plants are no exception. You need to think about where to place them carefully, as deprivation of any of the essentials like sunlight, air, water will make them wilt away in no time.
  • Regular and timely check-ups and maintenance are compulsory, and else the weed growth will spoil the beauty. No doubt you've to invest a careful eye after them.
  • Exterior landscaping with natural plants calls in for extensive lawn maintenance and all the required care for the commercial belongings.
  • The cleanup program becomes tiring over time. And with the change of seasons, the trees, flowers, etc. need special and extra care.
  • The chemical sprays such as herbicides, insecticides, pesticides, weedicides, etc. become inevitable as you need to keep your plants looking healthy, lively, and disease-free throughout the year.
  • You have to trim them at regular intervals to make sure the growth is not stunted.
  • Mulch clearance needs to be done timely. Replacing the older mulches with hardwood ones helps plants in maintaining their moisture content, thereby reducing the weed growth.

Thus, the use of natural plants calls in for a lot of work in your landscapes.

Why Should You Install Artificial Plants?

Not only homes, social or cultural centers, but also offices and institutions are getting decked up with artificial flora. Now if you are wondering whether to install artificial plants or go for the real ones, here are some points to help you decide. 

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think 'flora' is undoubtedly the 'aesthetics.' But foliage seems to do much more than just enhancing the beauty of the place. Not only does greenery make the site look heavenly, fresh, and beautiful but also imparts a sense of warmth to the visitors, just the way real plants do, but with almost zero maintenance.

Green cover can be a fantastic mood booster. And nothing can do that better than vegetation. It helps to lessen mental fatigue and exhaustion, calms the mind, thereby increasing focus and promotes productivity.

How Are Artificial Plants Better Than Real Ones?

Well, in many ways. Let's tell you some of them.

The first great advantage of artificial plants over the real ones is their low maintenance and high durability. Neither do they need fertilizer or plant feed nor do they require regular watering.

You can place them anywhere, even at places without proper sunlight or ventilation.

Also, they can be moved to places instantly and easily. Loss of parts, color, luster is quite uncommon in the case of artificial foliage.

Cleaning and dusting these plants are optional. They come coated with dust resistant material. Also, proper cleaning increases the longevity of these decorative plants.

These plants have fantastic longevity and can survive every environmental strain. Hence faux plants prove to be an economically viable choice if you want to enhance your landscape on a budget.

As fake plants don't have any live matter, they do not attract pests and insects. This is why they don't trigger allergic reactions or hay fever. People who get allergies from pollens, or have asthmatic problems due to the strong aroma of flowers or some leaves can safely consider installing artificial plants.

Especially in sectors of work where people are exposed to plants for longer periods, it is best to opt for fake varieties.

In hospital settings installation of artificial vegetation can make the venues look creative. You can have the full liberty of experimentation with various colors, textures, types, and sizes of plants without losing on their natural appearance.


There is an innumerable number of ways in which the greenery options can be expanded in the external landscapes. Even when the weather conditions are not in favor, you can trust that artificial plants will survive without any support.