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12 Timeless Interior Decor Trends for 2020 and Beyond

12 Exciting Interior Decor Trends for 2020

There are hot trends. And then there are timeless trends. We’re big on the latter since you don’t have to spend dough every season and they serve you well year after year while making your décor look stunning and current. We have flipped the décor magazines of the past decade and scanned Pinterest boards of last few years to spot interior design trends that have stayed and flourished over the years. These décor trends graced homes beautifully then and will continue to be around and are more or less timeless. You can be sure that they will give you an exciting design space now and for years to come.

Read on to find new and innovative ways to do up your home and office décor!

1. Interesting Prints – How to Jazz Up a Space Using Bold Prints

The easiest and most sure-shot way to add character and atmosphere to a room is to create a spectacle – a single piece or item that stands out and commands attention. Do this using bold, colorful prints – on upholstery, a single wall, cushion covers, rugs, etc.

Here, you have innumerable options like geometric, traditional, abstract, modern; what have you. Just remember to avoid overpowering the room or space with the print, so limit it to a small number of pieces.

 Metal Panels with Silk Flowers

2. Bring Out the Florals – Use Silk Flower Arrangements to Add a Touch of Glamour and Class

Nothing gives a room an element of elegance and class than rich silks – and now you can incorporate it in decorative pieces through silk flower arrangements in every shape, size, and color imaginable. They look gorgeous, and are extremely low-maintenance; win-win for you!

We recommend a lovely tall silk flower arrangement in a softly-lit corner of the living room or a petite one to keep on the center table. Alternately, a large silk flower centerpiece arrangement is perfect to tie the whole room together.

Classic Blue Rug

3. Earthy Tones

Embracing earthy tones in your home décor is a wonderful way to keep it current and future-proof. Yes, there is always the temptation to decorate with the color of the year, but these hues come and go quickly and you’ll be left with a décor that needs updating every now and then.

Apart from bringing a wonderful warmth and charm, these hues keep the overall design scheme so much pleasant. Beige, light burgundy, olive green, burnt orange are some hues that will bring the outdoors in and give you a lovely setting. You can never go wrong with earthy tones!

Potted Plants

4. Go Natural

Dial it back and play it simple with the easiest way to add style and aesthetic value to your home décor – plants! Potted planters, bonsais, creepers, flowering plants, succulents; you have an immensely wide array of house plants to choose from. You’ll be surprised how easily a couple of pots add freshness and life to any room.

Though they do require much more maintenance than silk flower arrangements and the like, house plants are certainly worth the investment.

5. Look Up – Fashion Statements for the Fifth Wall

Why leave out the ceiling to be a boring old shade of off-white when you do your home or office interior? Ceiling wallpapers offer an easy, cost-effective and exciting way to add color and appeal overhead.

Ceiling wallpapers bring a whole new extra space to decorate in the room, and the options are limitless. You can play it classic and get a soft print to complement the rest of décor, or make it super bold – either way, we guarantee it will get everyone talking.


6. Industrial Chic

 If you’re looking to craft a standout interior design, then this style is just what you need. Metal paneling stripped metal sculptures, rivets and bolts - these are staples of a functional, industrial look that will give your house or office a whole new look.

This style works best with clean lines, sharp angles, and bold shapes.

7. Play with Texture

Bold trims, bold textiles, and bold texture will always been in vogue. From walls, upholstery, to the mantelpiece decorations, and rugs; incorporate different textures in your interior design for a uniquely curated look.

You can go all out here, and make your living room a wonderful tactile experience for yourself and your guests.

8. Get Cozy

Make your home a haven for warmth, comfort, and peace by adding elements that make you feel all nice and warm inside. Get yourself multiple throw pillows for the couch, or an incredibly soft and plush rug for the bedroom. Pamper yourself, because what matters most is that you feel perfectly at home in your house.

Soft pastel colors, light prints, comfy couches, and well-lit rooms should be your go-to, for after all, who doesn’t love the hygge vibe?

9. Play with the Lighting

How do you curate a different atmosphere for your home in the daytime and in the night-time? Simple, just play with the lighting.

Let in a lot of natural light during the day to get a fresh and bright vibe, and switch it up after dark with soft moody lighting, or even some edgy neon lights.

10. Two-Toned Interiors

Take the minimalist vibe to a new artistic high with a simple two-color palette for your interior décor. Don’t get fooled by the simplicity of the style, you have plenty of room to get creative with just two colors.

For a youthful, fresh look, go for combinations like yellow and cream, or sky blue and white, or you could go the darker route with rich purple and ivory, or the classic black and white look.

11. Abstract Art – How to Liven Up a Room with a Dash of Color and Class

If you’re feeling a little lost about doing up your living room or office, the easiest way to make things interesting is to add a piece of abstract art in the room. This can be a painting, a wall decoration, or even a sculpture – it will stand out, get people talking, and certainly make an impression.

12. Asymmetry – Get Adventurous with Your Décor

Get out of your comfort zone and experiment with asymmetric color schemes, shapes, and designs in your interior design. You could start small with sofa or chair placements, or go big with fundamental design choices like an off-set window, doorframe, etc.

There You Have It, 12 Timeless Interior Decor Trends for 2020 and Beyond!