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25 Room Decor Ideas For Kids

25 Room Decor Ideas For Kids

The first step towards gaining an insight into what will make a child happy is to think like one. Your child’s room should be both comfortable and well organized while simultaneously providing an opportunity to have fun and get creative. Here are 25 unique décor ideas that are simple, practical, and will make your kids happy in their room.

1. Color coordinate

The primary color palette you employ on the walls, and the furniture is an essential element of successful room décor. A kid’s room must primarily be a safe, calm, and soothing space for the child to retire to. Try to stay away from jarring and loud colors such as maroon and darkish shades of purple. Choose a soothing color instead, something like a light shade of blue or a bright shade of green or yellow - something that is welcoming and calming.

2. Patterns and Textures Are Essential

Pay attention to the type of patterns you employ on the walls and fabrics of your kid’s room. We have seen that symmetrical and geometric patterns on wallpapers and bed-sheets tend to go well with the overall look of kid’s bedrooms. They provide an exciting and artful contrast to the open-eyed creativity kids bring to their rooms. The overall effect is spectacular.

Minimalist textures on walls are well complemented by the use of artificial flowers arranged around the room. A vase full of gerbera daisies and a peony bouquet can spruce up a room with muted furniture.

3. Try modern bed designs

Do not restrict yourself to the regular four-pillar beds usually available in the market. To make nap time interesting for your child, attempt to incorporate the same sense of fun, frolic, and adventure into the design of the bed. Look for fresh designs like a Murphy bed to free up added floor space for your child or even bunk beds to make the entire process of going to bed more engaging and fun.

4. Put up a chalkboard wall

Walls are amongst the most visually impactful features of any room. Tap into the creativity of your child and give him/her the space to express it. You can very easily use chalkboard paint to refresh an entire wall of your kid’s bedroom to provide them hours of nonstop fun. They can redecorate the room at will and create a fresh new wallpaper whenever they so desire.

5. Setup a minor work station

Make sure that the bedroom isn’t just for sleeping and playing with toys. Create a separate workspace for your kids. A small table and a chair in a corner away from the door, the television, and other such distractions will provide your child with an insulated environment where they can work on their homework, draw, paint or read. An organized workspace will allow your child to be productive while enjoying this productivity.

6. Give space to their hobbies

You know your child best. If there are particular areas of interest that your kid is enthusiastic about, make it a point to really showcase those interests and encourage your child further.

If your child is a bookworm, fill one of the walls with bookshelves that hold all of his favorite books. If he/she is a philately enthusiast, put in a special drawer for storage and organizational purposes.

A room that actively encourages and caters to their hobbies will leave your kids smiling from ear to ear.

7. Create a gallery

Instead of spending on wallpapers and other such expensive décor ideas, go for simple and organic techniques. Use your kid’s artwork to fill blank walls. Hang a cork-board on one of the walls to make it easier to switch out the artwork on display. Display your child’s favorite pieces in acrylic frames. Your kids will love to see their work displayed.

8. Use extra storage space/ create storage space

Try a bed that has a built-in storage drawer and pull out bins. Extra storage space goes a long way in keeping things organized in a child’s room. Make space for organizers, bins, and baskets and give the room a tidy feel. It is an added incentive for your kids to keep things looking nice.

9. Use old bookcases as toy storages

Kids have a tendency to mess up their rooms. Whether it is an accidental spillage or just toys scattered all over the floor, it is essential to keep stuff organized

Old bookcases can be filled with plastic boxes full of toys to clear up essential floor space and to give the room a clean and airy feel. This will keep the room from becoming a disorganized mess that is impossible to wade through.

10. Reimagine Coat racks

Use the coat rack in your kid’s room creatively. Instead of restricting it to coats, expand your horizons by turning it into a spot to hang a multitude of things like a bag full of artwork supplies, or some play gear or some toys. Freshen the room with such creative ideas and encourage your child to come up with more of them.

11. Put up a Map on one of the Walls

Another way to brighten up the walls is to put up a map on one of them. The map can be of the whole world or of the town you live in or an interesting or beloved place. A map in the room increases inquisitiveness and provides a sense of adventure to your child. It helps with learning and also brightens the room due to a predominant presence of blue and green hues.

12. Place stuff according to your child’s height

While placing books, toys, and other articles of interest to your child in his/her room, it is also important to consider how practical the positioning is for the child in question.

Placing things according to your child’s height will make it all easily accessible to them and will keep them from calling for you every time they want a particular book from a shelf that is too high. Closet storages, benches, and coat racks will all be used more often if kids can get to them easily. It also helps your kids stay organized and independent.

13. Glow in the dark paint

Give the ceiling a creative makeover by using readily available glow in the dark paint. Paint celestial bodies on the roof or a cityscape around the edge of the walls. This will get your kids excited about getting into bed at lights out.

14. Kids are collectors, so make collecting easy.

Look to diversify how your child collects memorabilia. While cork-boards have usually been the preferred option for displaying pictures and postcards, try moving beyond them. Hang photos on strings around the room or along the walls to create a dynamic and ever-changing border around the room.

15. Create memories in the room

Your child should feel one with the room. It is thus important to create memories inside that room that can be cherished for decades. A growth chart near the door can be a good reminder of how fast time passes. A border near the floor made up of your child’s handprints every few months can be another fun way to watch your child grow.

16. Incorporate artificial plants

Artificial silk flowers are a great way to bring a dull space to life. Bright yellow daisies or hot pink artificial gerberas can really brighten up the room. Artificial flowers require minimal maintenance and are sustainable options for home décor, especially in a kid’s room.

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17. Put Prized Possessions on Display

Fill up a grand shelf with all your kid’s achievements and possessions. Stack it up in a bright spot in the center of a wall and fill it with all the medals and certificates, trophies, and accolades your child has won and received over the years. As the shelf swells, so will your kid’s sense of achievement and confidence in his abilities. This also creates a strong bond between your child and his room.

18. Display your Kid’s Books

Don’t stow your kid’s books away into a drawer. Display them in a brightly lit spot. This is a simple and cost-effective way to spruce up a blank wall. It provides a lot of character to the room while also making your kid’s favorite books easily accessible to him/her.

19. Add a Canopy

In addition to a unique or different look for the bed, adding a canopy on top creates a subtle dreamy corner for your kids. A canopy is visually impactful, and with added pillows and blankets, you can make the nook very cozy and comfortable for your kids. Decorate your canopy with artificial flower arrangements that are durable and enhance the color palette of the room.

20. Keep Your Design Simple

Go for an aesthetic that is modern and contemporary. Use simple furniture with minimalist décor ideas and place emphasis on the overall practicality of the room you are designing for your kids. Overly complex designs with too many elements are usually overwhelming and can very easily distract you from the task at hand – building a child-friendly room.

21. Distinct look

Give the kids room a unique identity of its own. Keep the look and decor distinct from other bedrooms and the rest of the house. Your kids should believe that their room isn’t just a miniature replica of their parents’ but their own unique place and their very own corner of the house. This brings in the sense of wonder and belonging and builds attachment towards both the room and the house at large.

22. Give your child privacy

Create an atmosphere of trust and belonging. Your children should know and realize that you value their privacy and are willing to give them their own space to work with. Try to use curtains, wooden dividers, and doors to ensure your kids feel like their room is their very own private arena where they can freely express themselves.

23. Go for marble or mosaic flooring

Wooden flooring or carpeted floor spaces aren’t always amongst the best options for a kid’s room given the frequency of accidental spillages. Floor tiles are prone to cracking and therefore a simple mosaic or marble floor should work well in your kid’s room. Use durable materials that can take a beating and still look fresh as new.

24. Try alternating arrangements

Kids are by nature restless. Thus it is essential to give them something new every now and then to ponder upon and enjoy. Moving the furniture around in your kid’s room can do the same for him/her. Shift the bed over to the other wall, rearrange the workplace, move wall hangings over to another spot or reorganize the toys. This will help prevent boredom with routine and provide a much-required freshness to everyday proceedings.

25. Talk to your child

While adults plan, design and organize well, our goals and targets are very different from those of kids. Communicate with your child and make a sincere attempt to factor in his/her likes and dislikes into your plans. It is of utmost importance that your kids see their views reflected in the décor. If your kids love blue, go ahead and paint the room blue to see their faces light up. After all, that is what we are seeking to achieve here.

It is rather simple to keep your kids happy in their rooms. Keep the focus on practicality and always take your kid’s opinions into consideration. These tips we swear by, will help you create a room that your little ones will adore for eternity.