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Silk Bamboo Plants

Including live plants in the corners of your home and office space can help reduce your stress and improve the air quality of your surroundings. At the same time, it will help in enhancing the look and decor of your house, but then again not everyone is gifted with plant-friendly hands or foolproof green fingers. If you are a certified plant killer, then not to worry, there is still hope for you. With the availability of the range of silk bamboo plants online and offline, you can transform the decor of your house according to your plant-friendly desires.

The artificial bamboo sticks with leaves or even just the artificial bamboo sticks look so really close to the live ones that you can combine them with the existing decor and add color and life to your home.

To help your personal and office space feel more lively and look a bit brighter, here are some assorted tips of using artificial bamboo plants for home decor.

1. Using a Bar Cart to Place Silk Bamboo Plants, Artificial Bamboo Plants Indoor

The sight of silk bamboo plants indoors has the ability to magically soften the sharp and edgy decor of a room. Placing them in a suitable area to highlight them, especially in the majority of the mid-sized modern apartments of nowadays is something to think about.

One of the ways is placing them on a bar cart. The best part about this arrangement is that it makes easy to wheel plants for changing locations whenever you feel like doing so.

2. Use Vintage Items for Holding Artificial Bamboo Plants for Home Decor to Customize the Front Porch Look

Collect some vintage beverage carts or toys such as tricycles for holding several bunches of silk bamboo plants and artificial bamboo plants for home decor. Then place that toy or cart next to a porch swing or rocking chair, to give that porch an old-timey feel.

Another way can be adding a faux flower arrangement along with the silk bamboo plants and placing them inside a basket or bucket. Then you can hang that bucket or basket,  from the front door to complete the whole classic look. You can add little tasteful knick-knacks like artificial plants with pots to tie the whole rustic, austere altogether.

Just make sure not to overplay it. The main goal of customizing through adding one or two items here and there is to present a well-executed decorated plan. Overdoing it can make your front porch look like a junkyard or flea market and you definitely don't want the front porch of your house/apartment to look like that.

3. Create an Amusing Look with Umbrellas, Boots and Artificial Bamboo Sticks

If you want your visitors to feel that cute, outdoorsy vibe, you can choose colorful rain boots to hold the artificial bamboo sticks and silk bamboo plants and line them up at a brightly lit corner of your room or near your front porch.

Take a closed umbrella and hang them from the front door filled with fake flowers and bamboo sticks, thus completing the rainy day look theme. White tulips accompanying the bamboo leaves will look great peeking out of the closed umbrella.

The great feature of this concept is that you can change the flowers accompanying the bamboo sticks with each season. Also, take note that the quality of the containers are just important and crucial as the plants placed inside them. You will want to present visitors with a close-knit cohesive decorated layout that feels purposeful.

You will want them to feel that cutesy, playful vibe rather than “why are they leaving their umbrellas and shoes on the front porch? That is so weird!”.

4. Go for a Traditional Theme with a Set of Urns

If you are planning to create an elegant, dignified look, then you should go with a traditional set of urns placed on either side of the front door. Fill them with nice-looking silk bamboo plants, accompanied by colorful topiaries for flanking the front door.

If you are not able to make enough space for the container to be placed on the ground, you can customize the arrangement to make it sit or hang from the porch railing. This way will help to brighten up space and also avoid crowding the entryway.

5. Use Artificial Plants with Pots to Accentuate Your Table Set

If your front porch is large or has enough space to have chairs and tables to be placed on it, then you can place the silk bamboo plants in pots as accents to the table next to the seating options. You can stick them with more green leafy faux plants or flowers to add color to the arrangement.

This arrangement can be placed on a plain, simple looking or a white table and chair set to brighten it up. In such cases, you will especially want to go with colorful arrangements against the plain setting.


Silk bamboo plants can be used in a lot of ways to decorate your apartment, house or the front porch based on your preference. In order to do so, you need to select the finest quality product out of the various sellers available. The plant should not look too faux and a bit closer to a live plant, and only the finest quality ones can guarantee you with that.

Where to start from? You can start by going through the sellers available online. Just type the keywords, “artificial bamboo plants online’ or ‘silk bamboo plants online”. You can list them down by going through the websites that come up, reading the reviews available online or call the seller to know more about the product. Then select the best one out of the lot. Happy Decorating!