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Beating Winter Blues With Your Bubbly Decor – Explained

Indoor Tropical Plants

It is easy to give up in the blistering cold and live within a festive decor all winter long. You want to feel warm and cozy and hibernate for the season. But that’s no reason to not do it in style! Winter is not only about the festivities but also the warm tones and layers. There are so many different textures for you to play with.

Starting from your drapes to sheets to plants and accessories, everything plays a great role in making the perfect abode for relaxation.

Don’t think red, black, and brown straight away!

Yes, these tones are pretty warm and yes they are commonly used for a cozy ambiance but there’s more. Skip the gloomy look this winter with bright winter decor, pick colors from a different palette and watch your home transform like Cinderella.

Go for a Rich Texture!

Skip cotton and linen and go straight for velvet. The texture velvet fabric offers looks great in darker tones of blue. Incorporate a piece in your otherwise neutral setting for a rich addition. Do not go overboard with the velvet fabric though.

You can at best incorporate a chair covered with the fabric for the bottom and back support or use smaller alternatives like throw pillows, cushions et cetera.

A Darker Tone with an Edge

Do you completely skip on warm and dark tones? No, but you need to tone it down. For example, if you have dark-toned furniture, you can pair that up with a neutral-colored room for the contrast. This would provide an airier feel instead of making it look clumsy.

For an edgier look, get wooden furniture in black, pair them up with a greyish rug on the floor or a grey backdrop on the wall and you end up with a chic yet cozy look.

Welcoming the Outdoors with Indoor Tropical Plants

Not having enough natural light can give you a gloomy feeling throughout the day. Sunlight is not just for plants. If you have a sliding door space at home, use it to provide a lounging zone. Get slightly thick yet textured fabric for drapes here. Get a bean bag or sitting area for this space inside.

Throw in a small rug, preferably with geometric print instead of Turkish. Additionally, you can add indoor tropical plants here like a rubber tree or a Chinese evergreen for a natural vibe. Go for an artificial replacement, so you don’t have to tend to it at all and keep enjoying the fresh look all winter.

Kick-Off Winter-Blues with Blue Accents

No, blue accents are not just for summer or spring; they have a lot to do with winter comfort. You just need to pick the right tone. For example, a navy drape can look gorgeous with gold hanging extensions. This paired with brown wooden furniture in the room adds a very elegant, regal and warm vibe to the entire room.

If that’s not the path for you, try a light sky-blue toned wall hanging and frame it with a lighter-toned wooden frame. Throw in a furry carpet in white on the wooden floor. This is a very fresh look you can opt for in the living room.

Looking for a Greener Impact? Try This with Indoor Tropical Plants!

Railing your staircase with an evergreen garland is one way to go here. You can pick artificial tropical branches for a fresh look all year long. Alternatively, there are different types of tropical plants that you can use for this.

Tropical plants have an incessant freshness in their look and bring a wide variety to choose from. From different shades of green, you can pick what suits the winter mood best.

Take a Bath in Grandeur!

Yes, it’s chilly outside and what could be better than a cozy warm bath, deck up this zone to wind down at the end of the day. If you have a mirror on top of the sink, get a black frame for the mirror and hand a green artificial and customized garland on it.

Add small tropical plants on top of the sink or shelf. Get a neutral-colored wipe-off rug on the floor. You can also go ahead and add plaid drapes for the window here. If you have more space in the bathroom try and add one or two large tropical indoor plants instead of going for the garland. This would give a real natural feel and a comfy ambiance.

Deck Up the Roaring Fire

If you have a fireplace, multiple DIY decor ideas are available. Let’s take the easier route to it. Get rid of the leather sofas, please. The world has moved on from leather furniture. Get some comfy, warm-toned furniture for this space. Pick your color wisely.

Add items like chestnuts and pinecones on the mantle top or the coffee table. Get plaid blankets to cover up the leather furniture for a laid-back look. If you can’t get rid of leather completely this is one way to go.

Anyone in the Mood for Hot Cocoa?

Personalize the unused corner space this winter for your hot cocoa bar. Hang a plaque on the wall with a message; add some rustic cups and platter. Keep a muffin basket around, and a kettle of sizzling hot cocoa. Serve hot to guests or curl up in this corner with a book.

Message Boards Are Always Fun

Welcome your guests in the living room with a sweet message on the wall or fall off to sleep with an affirmation over the headboard. There are so many ways you can use the message board.

Preferably a blackboard with chalk-like writing on top looks great for this purpose. You can keep one on the mantle top; add fairy lights or electric candles and you are good to go.

Winter is not a party season for everyone, there are hibernators, and there are bookworms and so many different types of people. These ideas are for everyone who wants a cozy time at home without the sad and gloomy feel that the season carries. Explore and add your personalized tweaks for a transformed surrounding at home.