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7 Best Christmas Mantel Decor Ideas

7 Best Christmas Mantel Decor Ideas

From mesmerizing Christmas Trees to front door wreaths to creative Christmas villages, the holiday season in your home décor begins to take shape. While decorating the Christmas Trees, creating elaborate displays using outdoor lights are important projects in their own way, there is one space that needs to be decked out in the festive spirit – the mantel. You will be spending quality time with your loved ones by the fireplace and hence it’s imperative that you create eye-catching, charming mantel displays. And there are so many ways to decorate your mantel for the holidays. From sticking to the traditional red-green theme or going for a different yet classy gold-purple theme, you can come up with so many merry and bright combinations to add that festive spirit to the mantel.

No matter what you choose decorating the mantel is a big part of getting your home ready for Christmas. From simple wreaths to elaborate garlands, glamorous lights to charming ribbons and bows,  you can introduce so many accents on the mantel to make it joyful and fun. If you’re confused as where to start and how to go about Christmas Mantel Decor, then below we have expanded on a few ideas that will get you going. These are simple yet effective ideas that can be easily tried by anyone and will help you achieve striking aesthetics without spending a fortune.

Tips to Decorate Your Mantel for Christmas



Nothing gets a décor in the festive mood more than the wreath. They bring such an inviting and cozy vibe to the décor. And if you’re looking to bring some colors and foliage to your mantel, then just bring in a special decorative wreath that will set the perfect festive mood in the setting. From the traditional red and white foliage wreaths to flower wreaths, white wreaths to pine cone wreaths, lighted wreaths to simple foliage wreaths, there are so many options to choose from when it comes to buying Christmas wreaths online. Finalize a color scheme and a theme and stick to it.

Gingerbread House Mantel

Gingerbread House 

Homemade gingerbread houses, animals and sugar cookie tree cutouts and you’re all set for the most adorable and eye-catching Gingerbread House Mantel. It takes some effort but the final results will ensure that you have an unforgettable display. Once you’re done with the gingerbread elements, make sure to dust sugar to symbolize snow and introduce a lively foliage garland and LED fairy lights for a spectacular mantel.

Branches and Lights


If you’re tired of the usual wreath and garlands, then try out red berry branches which are equally festive and intriguing. They will bring a rustic appeal and merry to the setting in equal amounts. Add red stockings, lights, and some elegant candles and you’ll have a delightful mantel display with pleasing aesthetics.


Flower garlands are yet another accents that are deep-rooted in Christmas traditions. A combination of garlands, pine cones, a reindeer and LED lights will give you a simple yet striking display. And if you aren’t one for simple foliage garlands, then there are tons of holiday garland choices online in a range of foliage varieties, flower varieties, colors and styles to give you a special, cheery mantel display. This is a delightful festive mix that will bring loads of excitement and fun to your mantel.

Flower Candle Holders 

Candles will go a long way towards bringing in coziness and warmth to your décor. Pair your elegant candles with some lovely candle holders and you’ll have a display with great visual interest. From red-green, red-white flower combinations to fall foliage, you can find unique candle holders in a range of foliage and flower combinations, colors and styles that will blend in beautifully in your theme and complement it.

Twigs, Feathers, and Lights

This is the most simple mantel decorating idea that can be set up in no time and without any spend. Simply pick up twigs and branches, tree trimmings from your backyard, add twinkling lights to the display and you’ll have a rustic and romantic mantel display in no time. If you can find some feathers, then weave all of them together for a more earthy, breezy appeal. If you think that its a little dull for your liking, then a lively green garland or wreath will freshen up the display without any fuss.

Play with Color Combinations

This is a fun exercise that you’ll have to try on your own and see what works well for you. You can opt for a black-and-white display with chalkboard signs and gingham stockings or you could go with the classic red and green combo and bring in decorative accents in those colors for a more traditional appeal. You could also go for a single-color display such as pink, white, green, etc, and find ornaments, string lights, stockings and garlands in that very color spectrum. It is a bold idea and will work brilliantly if you get it right. It will bring a nice, modern feel to the mantel.

Buy Mantel Decorating Accents and Christmas Decorations

The mantel is a wonderful decorating spot and can be transformed into a special focal point during the holidays. And if you’re looking to buy holiday decorating accessories, then we have a large selection of accents that will give you a beautiful setting. At Silk Plants Direct, we have a large selection of artificial Christmas Wreaths, faux Christmas Garlands and decorative Candle Rings that will help you create a visually intriguing décor without any fuss.