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8 Small, Budget-Friendly Ways to Transform the Vibe of Your Living Room

8 Small, Budget-Friendly Ways to Transform the Vibe of Your Living Room

The living room is the all-action place of a home. From movie nights to entertaining guests to spend the most time together, it all happens in the living room. And if that’s the case, then this room should be a standout one in terms of décor, doesn’t it? Now, look around your living room and see if it excites you or fails to impress. If it’s the former, then well done. If it feels starved of charm and excitement, then there’s work to do.

And let us assure you that this is perfectly normal. You will find accessories and trends that were great once upon a time but are now too outdated and stale to continue with. From time to time, you will always feel that it is time to give your space a much-needed makeover. If you think that your living room décor has reached that stage, then below are a few tips that will help you transform your space in no time. We have compiled tried and tested, simple, budget-friendly updates that will transform the look and feel of your living room instantly.

Rearranging the Furniture

A completely free way of giving a new look to your living room. Moving around your living room furniture can surprisingly have a big impact when it comes to updating your space. We’re not saying that move each and every piece of accessory in your living room (or do that if you think it makes sense), but rearranging the accents, bookshelves, and other elements can refresh your space.

    Adding Greenery

    Whether you have a small, chaotic space or a large one with empty corners and spaces, adding greenery will go a long way towards bringing in a calming influence in the setting. It will help you create a cool, calm retreat in no time. If you’re not blessed with the green thumb, then we highly recommend you opt for silk plants. Today’s faux plants are incredibly realistic and botanically-correct specimens and will give you a soothing space without any fuss. Artificial plants will instantly take your living room from blah to beautiful and make a lot of sense in the long run.

    Changing Lampshades

    This is yet another easy and inexpensive way to add interesting details and color to your living room. From exciting colors to exquisite shapes to different textures and materials, consider everything and opt for one that will give new life to the setting. If you’re not willing to spend money on changing lampshades, then there are tons of DIY methods that will help you refresh your old lampshade.

    Adding Flowers

    Adding more colors to a living room is always helpful. And what better than flowers to do so? But, they’re an inexpensive proposition. Hence, artificial flowers are something you should definitely consider. They will bring a happy, cheerful vibe to your living room season after season on a budget. From elaborate silk flower arrangements to simple faux flower centerpieces to hanging flower baskets, there are so many styles and varieties to choose from. No matter which one you opt for, they will inspire your living room and enliven it with their fun, attractive presence.

    New Throws and Pillows

    Bringing in new throws and pillows is a great way to introduce colors and texture to the setting and styling up the dreary room. The easiest way to make your living room more appealing and interesting, they give you a fresh, new look to the setting. And the best part is that since they don’t cost a bomb, you can buy some for each season. From colorful summer ones to cozy fall ones, change throws and pillows accordingly and you’ll have a pleasing space in no time.

    Introducing Lighting Fixtures

    Introduce unique, quirky light fixtures in the living room that will bring an added interesting detail to the setting. Lighting doesn’t just help in creating the perfect mood in a room but it brighten up space, literally and figuratively. Since living rooms require tasks as well as ambient lighting it gives homeowners a great opportunity to experiment with different lighting fixtures. From floor lamps to ceiling-mounted lights to end-table lamps, there are endless options that will bring gorgeous details to space.

    Photo Art and Artwork

    Blank walls are canvasses and you can do so much with them with the help of art. You could either go with artwork or make your own. From framing wallpaper to fabric sample to book covers/movie posters to a nostalgic piece which has special place in your life, you could frame anything which reflects you. You could personalize it further by framing your own and family photos and hang multiple frames to create an eye-catching gallery.

      Artsy Containers

      If you have plants in your living room which came in lifeless containers, then you could add a layer of interest and intrigue to them with the help of cool containers. From urns to LEED containers, plants stands to chic bullet planters, there are so many appealing containers available that are nothing short of artsy pieces. You could also use stylish containers such as baskets, canvas cubes, etc to store items such as laundry, toys, magazines, etc. They are perfect functionally and will add aesthetic value to the décor.