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Holiday Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

holiday decor small places

With each generation the sizes of our homes is getting smaller. Our parents had big, grand homes, but modern day spaces are continually squeezing. Hence, the Christmas décor we grew up in has become a thing of the past. We no longer have the luxury or the space to opt for humongous Christmas Trees and expansive décor all around. But just because we don’t have the big rooms of the past, that doesn’t mean you have to downsize your expectations. You can still bring the grandiose decorations and the cheerfulness of the holiday season into your compact spaces. The modern day spaces allow us to be more creative when it comes to bringing in the spirit of the holidays. If you’re looking for creative ideas to style up your small spaces, then read the following guide. There are tons of accessories and space-saving ideas that will help you create a cheery holiday decoration that will impress everyone.

Creative Christmas Decor Ideas for Small Homes and Apartments

Whether you live in a small apartment or a small home, every inch counts. It becomes quite challenging during holidays as you have to manage the holiday decoration as well as the guests. In the end, it ends up all cramped up. Here are a few tips for creating the best holiday décor for small homes and apartment dwellers. They will help you make the most out of your space and create stunning aesthetics.

Make Use of Walls

Since you have limited ground space, extend your holiday décor on the walls and make the best use out of them. From hanging glorious decorative wreaths to introducing flower or pine garlands to hanging white stars, there is so much you can with the walls to bring a merry, cheery appeal to the décor. They will bring so much color and joyous vibe to the décor without taking up any space.

Smaller Christmas Tree

This makes sense doesn’t it? Yes, big Christmas Trees are spectacular and tempting, but it will end up crowding your room. Instead, opt for a smaller tree which will keep up the tradition and won’t cramp up your compact living room. You’ll find a large collection of artificial Christmas Trees online that are short but equally impressive. From Pre-Lit Christmas Trees to decorated artificial Christmas Trees, you’ll find options that will fit in beautifully in your small space and brighten it up.

Winter Flower Centerpiece

If you have a pint-sized living room and cannot find space for even a small Christmas Tree, then opt for a winter flower centerpiece in empty corner or on the center table. You can either opt for fresh cut flowers and create your own centerpiece or you can go with a silk flower arrangement that will bring the same appeal and flair to the room and can be used beyond the holiday season. In case of artificial flowers, you’ll find arrangements featuring Poinsettias, Hydrangeas, Pansies, Hollyhocks, Pines and Berries, and more which can be further styled up using colorful ornamentals, candy canes, etc for a festive display.

Candle Holders

This is yet another space-saving, holiday spirit-inducing accent. Again, you can either create your own candle holder using foliage, twigs and pine cones or you can get an artificial flower candle-holder that you can use throughout the winter. A great way to bring warmth and chic style to your décor, candle holders won’t take up much space and will help you create a striking holiday display that will wow your guests.

Glass Vases and Cylinders

This is a simple DIY that requires glass vases or cylinders of different sizes, pine cones, twigs and foliage from your backyard and some berries. Simply fill the vases or cylinders with all the material and turn them around. Wrap some red ribbon around the vases, arrange them from tallest to smallest in the form of a tree and add fresh foliage and other decorative accents on the top of the cylinders. This is a really striking and elegant tree which will bring loads of personality and intrigue to the décor.

Hanging Window Displays

This is similar to the first tip. If you have limited ground space, then make use of walls, ceilings, etc. A simple painted frame strung with ribbon and accentuated with colorful ornaments will jazz up your space without taking any floor space. You could also create your own hanging displays with the help of baskets filled with holiday accents such as poinsettias, twigs and branches, foliage, berries and more to create an eye-catching display. You can also wrap some lights on them or even on curtains for a warmer, special appeal.


Wreaths embody the essence of traditional holiday decoration. And the best part about them is that they don’t require floor space. From hanging them on the front door (both sides) to adding a pop of festive cheer to your living room walls or tablescape, decorative wreaths bring so much holiday appeal. There are hundreds of wreaths options available online that will help you create a memorable display without any fuss.

Buy Decorative Christmas Accessories

If you’re looking for no-fuss décor elements and ideas to add to your compact rooms, then look no further than our collection. At Silk Plants Direct, we have unique and some of the most eye-catching elements that will make your space feel perfect for the season. From miniature Christmas Trees to Christmas Wreaths, Christmas Garlands to Christmas Candle-Holders and Flower Arrangements, we have everything you need to deck up your small space without spending a fortune.